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motorcycle Speeding YouTube motorcyclist escapes prosecution

A British motorcyclist escaped prosecution on Friday, after allegedly posting a video of himself speeding at 100 mph on YouTube.

The footage shows a man speeding through traffic — in Somerset, south-west England — in a 30 mph zone. Jeremy Parrot was easily tracked down by police because the clip appeared to show the bike arriving back at his home address.

The popular and free website — which was recently bought by Internet giant Google for 1.65 billion dollars (803 million pounds) — allows users to upload video clips which other people can view.

But there was insufficient evidence to proceed with the case against Parrot, said police. It is understood no charges could be brought because no date or time appeared on the video.

The police have to give notice of a traffic offence within 14 days – and could not be sure when the footage was taken.

Parrot’s lawyer said his client was “delighted,” and insisted there was never any realistic chance of a prosecution. “It’s not very good video footage, there’s no date and my client isn’t admitting it’s him,” he added.

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AMD processors may be a thing of the past. :(

AMD AMD’s well may be running dry

The high-flying Advanced Micro Devices Inc. of 2006 has given way to a company in financial peril, saddled with debt and bleeding from a brutal price battle with its larger and suddenly resurgent Silicon Valley archrival, Intel Corp.

AMD finds itself the subject of rumors of a possible takeover or private-equity cash infusion. While it wasn’t long ago that AMD was stealing a big slice of the microprocessor market and emerging as a long-term threat to Intel, those very gains may have left AMD’s well running dry.

Though the price competition has cut into both chip makers’ profits, Wall Street has punished AMD’s stock particularly hard.

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Home becomes an ‘island’ in building row

China HouseIf someone is buying all the homes in your neighborhood, you might as well go ahead and sell yours to. If you don’t, you could end up like this family. Watch that first step….it’s a doozy!

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