My Ship Has Came In!

Today is my lucky day!

I won the Spanish Lotto!! (For the third time too!).

What am I still doing here at work? I should be home returning that winning e-mail. All I have to do is send my account number to the official lottery guy (I know he’s official because he had a long title and some sort of letters after his name) and within two weeks, I’m $134 million richer. I asked about the two previous winnings. Apparently, they had my old address and the checks are lost in the mail.

I sure hope the Post Office gets all of this straightened out as I am also expecting some other gifts I have won too, such as 3 Ipods, 9 Razr phones, & 14 or 15 laptops. My boyfriend is waiting on the 3000 or so CialIs or Vlagra pills as they are no good to me.

All this excitement today has put a crimp on my daily schedule. I was going to send my bank account number to that lawyer in Nigeria so he could transfer $33 million to my account. Seems his client was the only honest guy in Nigeria and the bad guys, the government bad guys, are trying to steal his money. I get 25 percent! I already quit my extra night job and I’m not so sure I’m coming to work tomorrow. I’ll probably help him out anyway.

The lotto winning couldn’t have come at a better time! This money will come in quite handy. Just yesterday a couple of guys told me they were riding down the street and noticed my roof was damaged. I couldn’t see a thing but they saw it because they’re trained with a keen eyes, being experts and all.

They had business cards that said, “roof experts.” I noticed the ink was smeared a little on their business cards and they said they have so much business that they can’t keep up with the demand for their business cards so they have to print their own!

They took the time to walk with me and point to things on the roof! The $5,000 that I spend now will save me $20,000 next spring. That was a stroke of luck because while we were walking, the other guy found a chip in my driveway. Did you know that one small cement chip could spread, like a crack in the windshield, so fast that in a week’s time it could turn into a sinkhole and affect the ozone layer and cause global warming?

These two guys can actually fix the driveway when they’re not fixing roofs because they’re trained in driveway problems, too.

It was a hot day, so I invited them in for some cold refreshments. One of the guys, I don’t remember if it was Mr. Jones or Smith, said that my water tasted funny. Thankfully, I was able to buy a water filter from one of them whose uncle was in the business. What in the heck is going on here? I had no idea my house was so messed up!

Well, we were standing outside talking about all the new door-dings Mr. Smith found in my car door when my neighbor came home riding on the back of a turnip truck. I guess the truck hit a bump because my neighbor fell right off. Those two guys thanked me for the bad-tasting water, gave me a card so I could call them about the new multi-level marketing idea they wanted to bring me in on, and walked over to see if my neighbor was OK.

They began to look at his roof. Lucky for him! His driveway is asphalt, unlike mine which is concrete, but these guys can coat asphalt drives too! He must look like a suave business guy to them. I went back in the house to check my e-mail only to find that my bank account number was messed up. Thank God the bank was thoughtful enough to send me a notice that I needed to send my bank account number over the Internet so they could fix it.

Good timing. I don’t want my account all messed up when I get all that money from Nigeria and Spain! How lucky can a guyget?!..all of this in one day!

I gotta go now and reply to that winning email and hope the bank gets my account straightened out to prepare for the big deposit.

My ship has finally come in…..!!

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Clean Your Print Cartridges – Yet Another Use For WD-40

I’m sure others have experienced their print cartridges drying up on them due to lack of use. It seems like every time I want to print something out on my Epson photo printer, the damn print cartridge has dried up and won’t print properly. I guess I just don’t print enough stuff out on a regular basis.

I got a brain-storm of an idea the other day and decided to try soaking the base of the cartridge in WD40 to see if it would soften and clean the dried ink and holy crap – it worked!!! (I soaked it over-night and then wiped it off good before reinstalling it in the printer)

I had to run the printer through 3 head cleaning cycles afterward, but it cleared the clogged nozzles and it is now working perfectly.

Just thought I’d share my tip – especially with the price of print cartridges.

I don’t know if it will work with other types of cartridges, but it definitely did the trick for my Epson.

I guess that I should add this to the 45 other uses for WD-40.



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A Unique Find

…to say the least.

We have been clearing off some land by my Grandmothers house this summer. There are a few stumps in there that I couldn’t quite pull out with the tractor. I decided to dig around the stumps to loosen them up a bit and then try pulling them again. This was the second stump that I had been working on this particular day.

I will write some more after you see the video below.

After the video cuts off, there was a lot of freaking out going on. We were unsure as to whether or not we should call the police. Ultimately, we decided not to call them. I went back up and got the jar to get a better look at the secrets it held inside.

There is a little man in this jar. When I first saw it, I thought it was just a tangle of roots..typical of buried jars. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be a long haired, long nosed, freaky looking fella. Along with the man, there is an old obituary of a gentleman that no one in my family seems to know. I will not disclose his name, at least, not at this time. There is also a bone that looks like it is several years old. I have yet to determine if it is human or animal, but it sort of resembles a chicken bone. There is also a jagged tooth in that jar. Quite possibly the most disturbing thing in there… it looks very human.

The wife and I debated on what to do with this, and we decided to put it on the internet to see if anyone had any insight as to what this could be. I don’t know anything about voodoo or stuff like that, but I’m sure there are several people that do. If you have any ideas, please speak up… we are very curious.

Just an FYI, I still have not opened the jar, it creeps me out.

I will get some photos soon so everyone can get a better visual of the items.

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