What Kind Of Farter Are You?

  • Vain:  You love the smell of your own farts.

  • Amiable:  You love the smell of other people’s farts.

  • Proud:  You think your farts are exceptionally fine.

  • Shy:  You release silent farts and then blush.

  • Impudent:  You boldly fart out loud and then laugh.

  • Unfortunate:  You try really hard to fart, but you poop instead.

  • Scientific:  You fart regularly but you’re concerned about pollution.

  • Nervous:  You stop in the middle of your fart.

  • Honest:  You admit that you farted but offer good medical reasons.

  • Dishonest:  You far and then blame the dog.

  • Foolish:  You suppress your farts for hours.

  • Thrifty:  You always keep a couple of good farts in reserve.

  • Anti-Social:  When the need arises, you excuse yourself from the room and fart in private.

  • Strategic:  You fart and then conceal it with loud coughing.

  • Sadistic:  You fart in bed and then pull the cover up over your partner’s head.

  • Intellectual:  You can determine from the smell of any fart exactly what food item had been consumed.

  • Athletic:  You fart at the slightest exertion.

  • Miserable:  You would love to let one out, but you are unable to fart.

  • Sensitive:  You fart and then start crying.

Does anyone know of any retail franchises that sales the above pictured undies? I would love to buy some.

Double Standards

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A discussion on a morning radio show got me thinking about this. Adult women are allowed to make sexually suggestive comments about young (teenage) boys, but when grown men admit to finding a teenage girl sexually attractive, they’re labeled as perverts.

I have to admit that this is something I’d never really given much thought to before. I work with a few women ranging in age from 25 to 40. They do it all the time, and no one raises an eyebrow, but – heaven forbid – if one of my male co-workers was standing there washing his hands in one of our new Kohler faucets and made a comment like, “If I was ten years younger I’d show her a thing or two,” and directed it toward, say, the 19-year-old college intern that worked on our drafting department for a short while, I guarantee you from that moment on he’d be considered the office creep.

On the flip side, some of my male friends have told me many times that during their teenage years, the ultimate fantasy for them was to hook up with an older woman. Do young girls fantasize about older men the way young boys seem to do this with older women?

What’s up with this double standard? Also, discuss any other double standards that irritate you.

Oiling My Gears

So this title is a really horrendous pun on the ‘grinds my gears’ saying.

Anyway, its so easy for us to pick that one thing (or multiple things) that just went wrong with our day and made us unhappy.

Instead, I propose that we all just try to at least find that one thing today that really lifted your spirits?

I will start:

Today I attended a meeting at work and was able to successfully convey a new (hopefully) efficient process for my entire team and the presentation was well received.

So what brought a hint of pleasure to your day today? Was it finding out about Lipovox?