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How could a stereo micro- cassette recorder be a miss? With an FM tuner to boot? Maybe it was the Road Runner logo that took it to an early grave. The SR-11 was released in 1982 amidst the great walkman “boom” of the early ’80s.

Olympus SR-11 Micro-Cassette Walkman

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I think I am going to have to start locking up my office supplies when I leave the office everyday. I work earlier than most office personnel (6am-4pm), and it seems that at least every other day I notice that there is something missing from my office.

I am fairly particular about the utensils/tools that I use when I am working. I like a certain kind of pen, certain pencil (with .9mm lead), sharpies, and about 5 different colors of highlighters. I do architectural work, so the various colored highlighters are a MUST for me.

Everyone else likes my assortment of utensils so much, that they often help themselves to it. The reason that it bothers me is because I have never turned anyone down that has asked me for something. If the rest of the clan would just ask (instead of waiting until I leave to steal things), I would gladly give them the item that they are requesting. It isn’t like I don’t know who is taking the stuff anyway… I can see it sitting on their desk.

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The New Room Is Almost Done

As the new room is nearing it’s completion, the wife has stepped up her game and has been out shopping for kids bedding. We have went through the usual suspects:

  • Tinkerbell
  • Cinderalla
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Dora
  • The Little Mermaid
  • …etc.

The one thing that we haven’t found that our daughter seems to be the most fond of is ducks. The wife has pretty much decided to just find some material and make the curtains and bedding. She is good at stuff like that! She made all the curtains in our house, and made me a really great RealTree Camo blanket. We make a pretty good team. I can build pretty much anything, and she can make pretty much anything to compliment what I build!

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