Mr. Fab = Best.Author.Evar.

Those of you who don’t know who Mr. Fab is, should really go and check him out. He writes some of the most descriptive stories that I have ever read.

Unfortunately, he is ill and believes that he will be dead soon. (I think he just needs a good colon cleanse.) Even while on his deathbed, his writing is awesome. You should check out his article about how Mr. Fab is dying. It’s great, and one of the best I have read in a while.

If this guy wrote a book, I would buy it. His writing rivals that of any author currently on the bestseller list.

I’m A Community Blogger

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Thanks to Tish…for the Community Blogger Award!


This award recognizes those bloggers who “reach out and make the blogger community a better one.” These bloggers do much more than just blog. They actively participate in the community aspect of blogging.

I’m glad to know that I am getting recognized. 🙂 I would like for my next award to be something along the line of tv lifts. Thanks. 🙂

I want to pass this on to Kermit, Kathy, and Jos.

Shaking My Fist At Google

This blog used to sit as a PR5 blog, and I was quite happy with myself for accomplishing that in only a short period of time. My blog was only about 4 months old when it got its first PageRank update and it jumped straight to 5. Nice!

The fist PR sweep that rolled through about a month ago knocked me down to PR3. I wasn’t too pleased with that, but I could deal with it. I figured that I could have lost a few links during that HUGE gap between pagerank updates. Unfortunately, as you can see, this blog currently has a PR0. Yup, a big fat goose egg for me…and thousands of other bloggers that blog for PayPerPost.

Google is going after PPP posties and punishing them with no pagerank. Google has always said that PR should not be used as a determination of a blogs value, and if that wasn’t apparent, it is now. I’ve always thought that this whole PR thing was a bunch of BS anyway, and now I know that it is.

Any other PPP posties get the ol’ goose egg over the past few days?