100 Dead Hornets Can’t Be Wrong

Saturday I was walking around the corner of the house and spotted a hornets nest that was about the size of a gallon milk jug. There were several bees swarming around it, so I thought I had better back away from it for the day. I know from experience that the best time to kill hornets is after dark.

The wife, daughter, and I got in the car to go pick up a few things from the store. A brand new can of Raid Hornet spray was at the top of my list. At $5 a can the stuff definitely isn’t cheap, but it kills the little bastards on contact.

The hole was in the side of the nest, and I knew that all I had to do was spray the Raid into the hole. The bees would not be able to escape, and I would have very little risk of getting stung. So, I waited until dark, and then the massacre began. I used the whole can on the nest, and not a single bee escaped out of the hole.

Sunday morning I went out to examine the fallout. (I should have took some pics of the nest before I tore it down, but I forgot. :))

Here is about half of the nest laying on the ground after I ripped it from the eve:(click photos to enlarge)
Dead Hornets Nest


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How The Times Have Changed

A nice neighbor of ours came over to the house Tuesday evening. She is quite a bit older than the wife and I, but she visits often. I think we are her only friends, or she sees us as her kids.

So, she comes over to the house with a DVD in hand. She said that she got it at a yardsale and wanted to give it to our daughter. After a quick glance, I saw that it was a DVD of Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons. “Hey, I remember watching this when I was a kid!”, I exclaimed to my wife. “I think I will watch an episode or two right now.”

You can imagine my surprise when this popped up on the screen.

bullwinkle.jpg Rocky and Bullwinkle

I started laughing so hard that I started coughing. Pretty violently, I should add. The wife came into the bedroom to see what was wrong with me, and I wish I would have had my camera ready to snap a photo of what it really looks like when someones chin falls to the floor.

“This is what you used to watch as a kid?”

“Well, yes. But I don’t think that I ever saw this episode!”

More laughing and coughing ensued. Even the elder neighbor lady had to come in to the bedroom to see what the fuss was about.

“Oh, my heavens! I didn’t know THAT was on there!”

We all had a good laugh out of it, but I don’t think that our daughter will be watching it anytime soon. Times have changed, and so has our way of thinking. Our minds don’t process word meanings the same as they used to. At least, mine doesn’t.

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That Sweet Sensual Smell Of A Woman

perfume.jpgNot just any woman, mind you, but my wife in particular. She wears a certain perfume that really turns me on. This is a top secret perfume, and apparently a rare one. She only wears it on occasion, and she has never told me the name or manufacturer. What makes this such top secret info, I may never find out, but one thing is for sure…I absolutely love that smell!

I can smell her across the room when she wears it, and I am immediately drawn to her like a bee is drawn to a dew laced flower in the early morning twilight. My eyes focus on her, but I can’t quite stare, and I can’t quite turn away. My body moves toward her, and I can’t stop it. She evokes sensual thoughts with every blink of her eyes. The attraction scares me to death.

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