You Can Live Forever, But There Is A Cost

Live ForeverI’ve got an interesting question (at least, to me) to pose for you.

Here’s the situation:

You can live forever. The catch is: you must murder one person per year you intend to stay alive.

For example: At thirty years of age, you take the deal. Your physical age is frozen at 30. For every year you live, you must take one human life. If you don’t kill within that year, you die. Multiple killings will do you no good. It has to be at least ONE per year.

Would you do it?

Being a big fan of Stephen King, I would love to see him work this into a book. He could make it a great story!

Personally, I think I’d do it, until I got tired of living.

There are just so many people that need killing, I don’t see the problem.
Child molesters, murderers, rapists, drug rehabs, people who don’t use blinkers, the list goes on and on.

Obviously, my answer says a lot about me. What about you?

Underground command center — Raven Rock (near Harrisburg, PA)

By now, most of the free world has heard about the secret military bunker at the Greenbrier in White Sulpher Springs, WV. It was not much of a surprise to most of us locals when the announcement was official. It had been suspected for quite a while. Everyone can’t keep secrets you know.

There is a “bunker” of sorts, that I had not heard about until recently, relatively close to the Greenbrier Bunker. This one is called Raven Rock, and is located just southwest of Harrisburg, PA.

Named “Site R”, this is an underground complex , built by the Department of Defense, as an emergency shelter and electronic control center. Located underneath 650 acres in the hills near the Pennsylvania/Maryland border, Raven Rock, reportedly had a full-time staff of 350 for much of the Cold War. Officially now called the Alternate Joint Communications Center, the bunker went on-line in 1954. Representatives of all the military departments and the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the federal government were reportedly located here as a contingency against a wipeout of the command structure in the event of a nuclear war. The site has 700,000 square feet of interior space, and enough room for 3,000 people. A new tenant is the Defense Information Systems Agency, Western Hemisphere, which operates the communication and command center located in the bunker. It is still used as a Continuity of Government location, and Dick Cheney is said to have stayed here after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack. Site R was supported by nearby Fort Ritchie, MD, a 638 acre Army post, with over 2,000 employees. It is now administered out of Fort Detrick, MD.

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When Foreigners Were Funny

When foreigners were funny

Thirty years ago, humorist P.J. O’Rourke wrote a satirical article entitled “Foreigners Around the World”, which was published in the May 1976 issue of the National Lampoon magazine. I found this article while searching for something else.

Like all articles in National Lampoon, it was humorous, not serious. But who could imagine such a politically-incorrect piece being published at all today, let alone in a national magazine with a circulation of over 1,000,000?

For the curious, I am providing a link. Don’t go there if you don’t want your funny bone tickled AND your political-correctness meter twitched.

Now, in the interest of “fair and balanced, I am sure the USA-bashers among you will be happy to write a couple of paragraphs about Americans. 🙂