A Solar Updraft Tower


It’s a big tower surrounded by glass. The air under the glass gets heated by the sun and goes up trough the tower spinning the generators. This technology is very simple, almost perfect I say, one such tower could work for hundreds of years if maintained

Australia plans to build one with a collection area of 7km in diameter.

Spain built one with an area of 244 m diameter, it worked for 8 years and generated some 50kW at it’s maximum, until it was closed due to “structural problems”

I would like to see these towers wherever there is space for them, their simplicity is inspiring… sort of like personalized pens.

Print Around The World

Anonymous Sports Betting

Try this in good old google:


(You have to straighten up the link above and put it in your address bar.)

It will show you network-enabled HP LaserJet printers 🙂

Example of a printer that does work:

Now let’s go and “print” some nice messages all around the world. Printing about incontinence products could create some awkward work scenarios. 🙂

How To Rent A Domain Name

rent a domainChances are you haven’t heard about renting a domain name. If you have heard about it, you may be wondering just how it is done. It’s actually quite simple. Let me explain.

Let’s say that I own a domain named “superblogger.com.” Someone else (who is actually a superblogger), is trying to buy that domain name. They try to buy it, and see that I own it. They do a search for the administrative contact, and find my email. They offer to buy the domain from me for a small price. I feel that the domain is worth more than they are offering and we come to bartering standstill.

I offer to “rent” the domain name to them. The important thing for me to do is to keep control of the domain name registration. I will NOT under any circumstance put their information in the administrative contact or any other contact on the domain name. The way I will give control to them to publish content is to change the NAMESERVER information and make this point to their hosting provider.

They need to sign up for a hosting account and then give me the two nameservers that go along with that hosting account. I will then go into my domain name service, and change the nameservers to point to their hosting account. When the business contract is over, I can change them to point back to a hosting account controlled by myself. If their short business stint was lucrative enough, they may realize the true value of the domain and offer me my original asking price, or they may wish to rent it again for another quarter.

Easy huh? If you were lucky enough to be around in the big dotcom boom when everyone was buying up domain names, you know just what I am talking about. Some domain names are very valuable, and will continue to be valuable for years to come.