Daily Blogger Awards

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I was feeling a bit creative this morning and decided to award a few of my fellow bloggers what I am calling the “Daily Blogger Award”. This award is to be given to blogs that have at least 5 posts per week (one per day, give or take.)

These bloggers get up every morning, get their creative juices flowing, and start unscrambling the alphabet into words, sentences, and phrases. Rain or shine, just like the postal service, they are hard at work delivering their messages to you.

Here are the first of many winners:

Bush Mackel
Brown Baron

I present to you the Daily Blogger Award.

Daily Blogger Award

Please feel free to distribute this award as you see fit.

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The 7-Ps Meme Seems To Have Exploded Around The Blogosphere

Due to the overwhelming attraction and dispersion of my 7-Ps blog meme, my technorati ranking seems to be growing steadily. The neat thing is, I never asked for backlinks to be recognized as the meme creator. I will take them though, and I appreciate the fact that everyone is doing it!

As of this post, my technorati blog authority has jumped up to 285. Here is the authority box with the code:

View blog authority

My technorati rank is currently 14,803. If the 7-Ps continue this move, I could break the top 10,000 like Technorati Boy did, and maybe even the top 5,000 like Mr. FiveK.

I never would have imagined that this would have spread so far and so quickly around the net. I am absolutely loving reading the 7-P posts that are continuing to show up in my incoming links directory.

If you haven’t been tagged, check out the 7-Ps blog meme and consider yourself tagged.

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Who are you? What is your passion? What is your purpose?

In an attempt to get to know my fellow bloggers a little better, I have started a new meme that I will call the 7 Ps.

Fill out the 7 Ps and tag five blogs that you read on a regular basis. Have fun!

Passion – Being a good husband
Purpose – Being a good father
Pursuit – Architecture
Position – Middle
Pummeling – Anyone in my way
Progress – Slow and steady
Personality – Procrastinator Personified

I will tag Mike, Tish, Colleen, Court, and Mr. Fab.

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