The PageRank Fiasco… Again

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About a month ago this blog went from a PR5 down to a PR4. This wasn’t too bad compared to some of my favorite blogs around the net. They got slapped pretty hard. I thought all of this was over, so imagine my surprise when I awoke this morning and noticed that my PR has now been reduced to 2.

Now, it sucks. If one wants to make money online, they have to have a decent pagerank. Regardless of what Google says about not looking at pagerank as a representation of a websites value, with PR being around for so long, that is one of the major things people look at to determine a websites value.

I guess I can now officially join the “slapped by Google” crowd. This was a big blow to me though. I worked hard to get to where I was, and now the big G has to come in and do this. It really sucks man… it really sucks.

Part of me says forget about Google completely and stick to the other things on the net. But on the other hand, Google is such a huge part of the internet, it is kinda hard to forget about them.

The part that I don’t understand, if I were to link to something like Dallas Cowboys tickets, how does Google determine whether or not that is a paid link?

Anyone else get hit this weekend?

A Unique Find

…to say the least.

We have been clearing off some land by my Grandmothers house this summer. There are a few stumps in there that I couldn’t quite pull out with the tractor. I decided to dig around the stumps to loosen them up a bit and then try pulling them again. This was the second stump that I had been working on this particular day.

I will write some more after you see the video below.

After the video cuts off, there was a lot of freaking out going on. We were unsure as to whether or not we should call the police. Ultimately, we decided not to call them. I went back up and got the jar to get a better look at the secrets it held inside.

There is a little man in this jar. When I first saw it, I thought it was just a tangle of roots..typical of buried jars. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be a long haired, long nosed, freaky looking fella. Along with the man, there is an old obituary of a gentleman that no one in my family seems to know. I will not disclose his name, at least, not at this time. There is also a bone that looks like it is several years old. I have yet to determine if it is human or animal, but it sort of resembles a chicken bone. There is also a jagged tooth in that jar. Quite possibly the most disturbing thing in there… it looks very human.

The wife and I debated on what to do with this, and we decided to put it on the internet to see if anyone had any insight as to what this could be. I don’t know anything about voodoo or stuff like that, but I’m sure there are several people that do. If you have any ideas, please speak up… we are very curious.

Just an FYI, I still have not opened the jar, it creeps me out.

I will get some photos soon so everyone can get a better visual of the items.

The Latest Blogging Rage – BLOGRUSH

blogrush.jpgAs you can see over in the right sidebar, this blog is sporting the latest blogging craze, Blogrush. Blogrush is a Blog Syndication Network that hopes to provide your blog with some valuable traffic.

As it sits in your sidebar and displays headlines from other blogs in your niche, it counts views, and displays your headlines on other blogs. People see your interesting headline, and click through the other blog to come visit yours. Targeted traffic!

What the heck, I’ll give it a try for a while and see if I do get any traffic from it.  🙂

You might as well sign up to! It’s free!