How To Outrun A Snake

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The following information is being brought to you as a PSA from the WVb.


“…If ever chased by a snake, which I find very hard to believe, run in a zig-zag pattern…”


“…There’s a little myth that snakes can outrun humans. If you are unlucky enough to be chased by a snake, the myth claims than you should run straight up the nearest hill, because snakes can’t go straight up, but have to weave back and forth across the track…”


“…My mother would warn me that if I was ever chased by a snake I should run in a straight line, since snakes slithered from side to side — unless, of course, I happened to be running downhill. Then I should weave from side to side because a determined serpent would turn itself into a hoop by taking its tail in its mouth and roll down after me…”


If the tactics listed above do not work, you can always run around in circles and flail your arms about wildly. You may just scare the snake off, or convince him to bite you…. one or the other.

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