I’m A Sucker…

For some things. One being and ice cold beer on an excruciatingly hot summer day. But I’m not here to talk about that right now. I want to quickly tell you that I am a sucker for vintage color photographs. Especially if they are from around the World War II era. I don’t know why, but I am drawn to them like a moth to a flame. I could look at them for hours on end.

And that is just what I did when I found these:

Click on the image to see more pre WWII color photographs.

Click on the image to see more pre WWII color photographs.

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  • Kyra says:

    I really enjoy the old old photographs, the ones you can tell people had to hold still for a long time just to have the shot be visible? I collected those for a while. I always used to wonder about the people.

  • Garrick says:

    Andrew Sullivan had a series of pictures on his blog the other that compared what many American cities looked like in the 1930’s and today. I found it really interesting.

    If you like to look at old photos you need to come to Pittsburgh sometime and go to the Heinz history musueum. They have a rather substantial collection of old photos of the area. You wouldn’t know it now, but Pittsburgh was once a happening place.

    I know you don’t have much time to read with two kids and all, but if you get a chance you should read Jack Keroauc’s – On the Road. It paints a rather vivid mental picture of what America looked like right after WWII. Make sure and get the orgiginial scroll version. I have a copy of it here, but that’s not really doing you any good huh?

  • Bucky says:

    The best way for me to get any reading done right now is by listening to it on CD during my commute. I have been doing that with Stephen Kings Dark Tower series lately. It’s a neat way to “read”. 🙂

  • Slick says:

    That seems like a lifetime ago.

    They lived so different than we do now.

    My favorite was the old country store. I wished I lived back then in those times. Well, as long as I could’ve escaped the depression.

  • Garrick says:

    Something else that I have been reading about lately is “peak oil.” One of the experts on the subject seems to think that we are going to forced out of the suburbs and back into the traditional cities and small towns with main street shopping districts.

    So who knows? If are great grandkids are looking at pictures of the 2050’s in 2108, the pictures might not look all that different than the ones Bucky posted.

  • Garrick says:

    I typed my last post on the fly, and I just realized that it has several typos that make it virtually unreadable.

    First, the second sentence should read, “One of the experts on the subject seems to think that we will be forced out of the suburbs and back into the traditional city cores and the small towns with main street shopping districts.”

    Second, the are in the second sentence of the last paragraph should be an our.

  • Bucky says:

    If you didn’t do some random, incoherent rambling sometimes, Garrick, I would think that you were sick or something.


  • whall says:

    Do you actually have any color photos of a moth going to a flame, or was that just a euphemism?

  • Bucky says:

    Whall – I don’t personally have any, but there are probably several around…

  • BCS says:

    Stumbled upon this entry (again) while I was looking for that hilarious “deer from hell” post of yours. Saw this post once before (before I got my second blog up). Just thought you’d find my posts there interesting… just maybe. 🙂


    There are some photos there from the WWII era, though none of them are colored.

    BCSs last blog post..Something About the Statue in the Angels and Demons Movie Trailer…

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