K92 Radio Secret Sound Contest #1 For 2008

It’s time for the annual spring secret sound contest from K92! This is the first one of the year, and as usual, I will put the sound clip here, and keep the clues updated every morning.

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Now, for the sound:


And, the clues as of 4-28-08:
(Current cash prize is over $3600)

1. Computer command
2. This sound has two parts
3. William, Roger and James
4. “H” and “A”
5. You’re gonna miss this
6. Google and quicken
7. Long road to ruin
8. Rockefeller Center attraction
9. One safe screw
10. Black and blue
11. A religious experience
12. New moon
13. Carpenters and Chicks
14. 800 Feet in the desert air
15. Casey’s Coast To Coast
16. Crafty Chef’s Other Gig
17. Post 9/11 arm
18. Virginia-Based Game Maker
19. Walla Walla retreat
20. Smoky Mountain Song
21. Officially one of seven
22. Breaking Britney
23. The land of ram scrotum
24. Population 316,000
25. Made by magical elves
26. San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago
27. Brother, Sister, #1 Hit.
28. Stone’s weapon of choice.
29. Plank Road Brewery
30. Maker or Breaker
31. Electric Blue Band

The Clues are updated every morning. Please bookmark this page and check back daily for the latest clues and updates until someone wins.

There was a winner on April 29th @ 7:30 am.  The answer was “Someone putting ice in a cocktail shaker, and putting the top on.”

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