Nuts On Your Truck?

Well, I don’t know if any other parts of the country are being afflicted with this epidemic, but it is spreading like wildfire here in WV. It seems that certain people think it is really cool to hang a pair of balls from the back of their vehicle. No, not basketballs or baseballs, but testicles.

It’s usually raised pickup trucks or more macho types of cars like old hot rods whose owners feel it necessary to affix the nuts, because lord knows anyone who doesn’t drive those types of vehicles does not have balls.

Here is the first hit google gives you when you type in “truck nuts”:

Truck Nuts

I think these type of ‘hey look at me’ gimmicks and devices only serve to make the people who display this stuff look really stupid. In fact, if you display these, you are displaying the fact that you are an asshole. If you have balls, why do you think it’s necessary to display them? I think it just means that you don’t have ‘balls’ and are just trying to con everyone. If you have ‘balls’ there is no need to display them, just let your actions exemplify that fact. I would much rather spend my hard earned cash on car covers to protect my vehicle.

Peeing In The Shower

Anonymous Sports Betting

A big debate has erupted at work.


I say sure, why not. It’s all going down the drain anyhow.

Some people are having a serious fit about this. I cannot see the problem here. They are even going as far as saying that they would need individual health insurance before stepping foot in my shower. Jeez people… it’s not like I took a dump in there.

I would rather pee in the shower than soak the floor by dripping all the way over to the commode. I’m definitely not going to towel off just to pee.

What are your opinions?