Ramps Are Now For Sale

Just a quick update to let you folks know that ramps are now for sale. The first shipments went out Monday (3-30-09) and I expect shipment to continue weekly for several weeks. Visit http://bloggingwv.com/wild-ramps-for-sale/ for pricing information.


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  • Avitable says:

    Very cool. My wife loves to cook with fresh vegetables. I’ll order some right now.

    Avitables last blog post..Don’t look!

  • Frackin Frack says:

    I can’t find one frickin ramp patch around here! Grrr.

  • Canucklehead says:

    I’m going to take a pass on these ramps you speak of but I hope and trust things are well.
    If I’ve been quiet lately, its only because I cannot leave you a comment at work. I guess either the computer or IE does not like your comment dealio – anyway, that’s where I do most of my surfing.
    Just wanted to say hi – HAPPY EASTER!


    Canuckleheads last blog post..Happy Easter

    • Bucky says:

      Things are going well!

      I don’t have much time to blog anymore, but considering the circumstances, right now, that’s a good thing!

      Also, I have sold 24 pounds of ramps already, so that is keeping me pretty busy as well. 🙂

  • john detitta says:

    Fresh vegetables are always good for health. I like fresh vegetables.

  • Eric says:

    I’ve had ramps one time while traveling. They were in some scambled eggs with fried potatos. Very tasty!

    Erics last blog post..They Crucified My Lord

  • Dan Mihaliak says:

    Oh yea I see the salesmen working out of the trunks of their cars everyday. Just another rite of Spring!

    Dan Mihaliaks last blog post..Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

  • Spring is now here, hurray!

  • Timothy Cahill says:

    I have bin looking for ramps to buy for years. Well since I became disabled. I have a friend who owns a restaurant and I’m trying to make his restaurant grow to bring in new patriots. And also a few so I can cook for me and my girlfriend Miann who’s been taken care of me so special dishes. For I love to cook fresh trout with ramps. And a friend of mine hunts Wildboar. And I would love to see how Wildboar and ramps would cook together.

  • Daniel Chewning says:

    Please notify me next year 2014 when ramps are for sale… love them

  • Michael Miller says:

    Just went out on our mountain looking for Morels and Ramps. Came back with at least 5lbs of Ramps and barely touched just one of 10 patches I saw. No morels seen yet though. Will have to search the other side of the mountain.

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