10 things we learned this week.

The standard German pronunciation of Dr. Seuss’s name is “zoice” (like “voice”). (BBC)

Men and women can recall more than 70 per cent of emotional words like love, kiss and passion after they’ve been spoken into their left ear, but only 58 per cent with the right.

Women over 50 with a long history of migraines do better on memory tests than women of the same age with no such history. (aan.com/press)

“Divorce reduces a person’s wealth by about three-quarters (77 per cent) compared to that of a single person… And people who get divorced see their wealth begin to drop long before the decree becomes final.”

A person with an IQ of 101 earns $202 to $616 more per year than someone with an IQ of 100. However, IQ has no impact on actual wealth, i.e. the difference between a person’s assets and their debts.
(tinyurl.com/3363ys)the more you know

It is possible to make a cellphone call from the summit of Mount Everest (it is now in sight of a Chinese base station). Rod Baber is attempting to become the first person to do so. His expedition is being sponsored by Motorola.

It takes more brainpower to spell an irregular word like “yacht” than a phonetic word like “blink.”

Thursday is Martin Z. Mollusk Day. Similar to Groundhog Day, it involves placing a hermit crab on a beach and checking to see if it casts a shadow. If the crab sees its shadow, summer will supposedly arrive one week early.

When crabs are stressed, their legs and claws fall off.

“Hermit” crabs travel in packs of up to a hundred.

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