15 year old designs an amazing concept phone.

Simply called the Butterfly, this may just be the coolest phone I have ever seen. Andrew Kim, 15 year old Korean high-school student, now studying in Canada designed this thing. Looks like he has a bright future ahead of him!Butterfly phone

Butterfly phone

Butterfly is a horizontal slider with dual AMOLED touch-screens, which opens biased to an angle so as to give the familiar Nokia Communicator-style format. The lower screen then acts as a keypad for dialling and messaging, while you’ve got a broad top screen for web-browsing.

Butterfly phone
The phone would also feature a SD card slot, audio/video playback, and a side button which deactivates the touchscreen for pocket-friendly use. Like any other design, there are some drawbacks. For one, you would have to slide out the phone to use the keypad, and then slide it back to activate the call, which we guess could be a perk if you look at it from a keypad-free standpoint. Still though, absolutely gorgeous.

If this ever came to fruition, I would definately buy one!

2 thoughts on “15 year old designs an amazing concept phone.”

  1. No, it is just a concept. He did it for a school project.

    I think he should begin doing the patent work on it though, otherwise someone will steal it from him.

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