Bragging Relatives Suck

I have an Uncle that seems to dabble into a little bit of everything. How he keeps his portfolio straight I will never know, but he does. He was into timeshares for several years, buying, selling, and trading them. I don’t recall him ever staying at one, he just liked the idea of trying to make a buck or two with them.

He was visiting the other day and started bragging about his vacation home rental, and the money that he was expecting to make from it. I don’t know how he plans on making the dough, that is “top secret” information that he doesn’t share with anyone. 🙄

He is always bragging that he has this new idea on how to make a fortune. I have heard them countless times, but I have yet to see him get rich off of them. Maybe one day he will prove me wrong when I say that he will never make a fortune going about it the way he does….but until then, I will have the last laugh.

I’m Just A Man, I Can Only Do So Much

Along with the addition being built, I came home from work to see that even more had been added to my honey-do list. My wife came home from the store and had bought some under cabinet lighting for the kitchen. I already had a small light there, but apparently it just wasn’t cutting the mustard anymore.

I have to ask, when am I going to find the time to install this light with everything going on? It is time to start putting the putty on the drywall in the new room and that is going to take up the next several evenings. Maybe a couple of weeks worth of evenings. The light will have to wait.

New Sunglasses

My wife had secretly bought me some new sunglasses. The package arrived in the mail from Wiley X. It was supposed to be a surprise for July 4th, but I opened the package before she got home. OOPS!

I was going on a fairly long fourwheeler ride over the weekend anyway, so they definitely came in handy!

We do this from time to time. Some friends and I all go out on our fourwheelers and make a day of it. It’s fun spending time out in the woods, or going down to the river to see if the fish are biting. :mrgreen: