MTV, Pumpkins, And WASSSUP!

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MTV appears to be going back to its roots. Somewhat. MTV Music is a website that is new, clean, and has piles of music videos. All of which are embeddable in your favorite website or blog. I will prove this point by embedding one of my favorite videos of all time. “Warning” by Green Day. This video makes me laugh every time I see it.

I found these paper mache pumpkins, and they are awesome. When the kids get a little older, we are going to have to try this.

Let me take you back a few years now. Remember the famous WASSSSUP video? If you were alive and on the internet about 8 years ago, you probably couldn’t have missed it. It was one of the first big internet hits that I can personally remember. (That and something about some golf balls.) For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about, you can watch the original video here.

The new updated for 2008 version is embedded below. The boys have been through a lot over the years.

And that is all I’ve got for today.

Have a great weekend everyone, and Happy Halloween!

Pizza! Pizza!

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The wife and I went to dinner tonight one of the local pizza restaurants in town and was seated next a table with 2 women and 3 older men.

I guess something happened with their order because the lady was making a huge fuss about having too much sauce on the pizza. She got pissy with the owner and was being a bitch to one of the waitresses while her (I think) husband was saying it was fine with him and everything was alright. Eventually she stormed off (probably to go take some alli) and refused to wait another 15 – 20 minutes for another pizza that was correct by her standards. She basically made an ass of herself and her party she was with.

This leads me to wonder, how could somebody act like this over something so minuscule?

I can honestly say that if a situation like this happened to me, I would be more than happy to accept a new pizza but I probably wouldn’t have complained about it in the first place.

What would you do in a situation like this?

Auto-Urine Therapy

Have any of you ever heard about this before? One of my co-workers has actually told me previously (he’s into crazy organic medicine and crap like that) that one is supposed to drink their second pee of the day, because somehow it is good for you? Or something? I really haven’t read too much into it, and something tells me drinking my second daily liquid elimination won’t lower my individual health insurance rates, but I found this image today:

Click for bigger more READABLE version.
Click for bigger more READABLE version.

Notice that it says “If we can drink the urine from cows, why can’t we drink our own urine?” So I ask to you, dear readers, how do you feel about drinking urine? Have you ever drank urine? And even worse, have you ever drank cow urine?

I may have to do a little research on this urine-drinking. My interest is piqued.