A Hatred Of Appliances


There has to be SOMETHING around the house that you use, but just can’t stand.

For me, it’s this frickin’ dishwasher. Not only is it completely incapable of actually getting the dishes clean, but the racks are so poorly designed that nothing fits in the damn thing. But by FAR, the worst characteristic is the noise.

I know dishwasher’s aren’t the quietest contraptions in the world, but sitting 15 feet away in my living room is roughly the equivalent to the cleaning cycle of a drive-through automated car wash. I think it has some bad bearings in it somewhere.

A close second would be my ice maker. It happens to lack the ability of being turned off. All day, every day, making and dumping ice into the ever growing glacier in the middle of my freezer.

So, what’s the biggest POS you’ve got floating around your homestead?