I Quit My Job

im-a-quitterSeriously. I quit it.

Of course, I have another job lined out and I can start it ASAP, but it was hard leaving a company that I have been with for twelve(!) years now. They did me no wrong whatsoever, but sometimes change is necessary.

I believe it will be a nice change for me. More of the same, but a lot of new…. meaning, a brand new company. A startup company. A company that I will help build, and I can hardly wait to begin.

Cold Hands

Whenever I surf the net for any prolonged period of time, my right hand (the one I use the mouse with) gets really cold. I was wondering if this happens to anybody else. This is something that I’ve noticed for a very long time, but didn’t think of asking anyone about this until now.

That being said, I am running out of things to blog about. I might just start posting LOLcats and youtube videos….or investment banker jobs.

One Camera, Two Camera, Three Camera, Four

Is it odd that I find it ironic that someone took a picture of everyone else taking pictures?


The wife and I have been to several different things over the years (concerts, wrestling events, etc..) and I always find myself behing the camera. What I didn’t realize then, was just how much a person misses while trying to capture just the right moment. The last event that we went to, I left the camera at home, and I had a much more enjoyable experience along with better memories.

There is a downside though. My memory will fade over the years, but the images I could have captured would have continued to captivate me for years to come.