Ramps Are Ready For 2014!

It’s time! It’s time!

Ramps are now ready for 2014!

We expect to start shipping out the first boxes of ramps the week of March 31st.

Please note that these first week ramps will be the smaller yet stronger variety. They still do not have a large amount of green on them, but it is at this stage they are at their tastiest. The smaller ramps look like this. Some have more green, some have less green, some are just bulbs, but completely edible. This is the size that most locals prefer to eat them.

Early Wild Ramps

If you are looking for the larger leafier ramps, you will have to wait until the 2nd week of April to place your order. If you want the large ramps, please do not order now. Please wait and order late next week or else your order will get processed this weekend and your ramps may be smaller than you expected.

If you like the smaller more pungent plants, please feel free to order now.

The order page with qty and pricing information is located here:  http://wildwestvirginiaramps.com/wild-west-virginia-ramps-for-sale/