Another error on the new dollar coins.

Faceless Dollar Coin Colorado Couple Find Faceless Dollar Coin

Mary and Ray Smith can’t make heads or tails of a new presidential dollar coin they found last week. It doesn’t have either. A week after the revelation that some of the coins slipped out of the U.S. Mint without “In God We Trust” stamped on the edge, the Smiths said Tuesday they found one with nothing stamped on either flat side.

It does have “In God We Trust” on the edge. What’s missing is the image of George Washington on the front and the Statue of Liberty on the back. Instead, the Smiths’ coin is just smooth, shiny metal.

“We’re just so excited,” Mary Smith told The Associated Press. “I’m just dumbfounded that we actually found something significant.”

Mint spokesman Michael White said officials had not confirmed the Smiths’ find. But Ron Guth, a coin authenticator with Professional Coin Grading Service of Newport Beach, Calif., said after examining it he is certain the coin is authentic.

“It’s really pretty rare,” Guth said. “It somehow slipped through several steps and inspections.”

The couple, who live in Fort Collins north of Denver and collect coins, bought two rolls of the presidential dollars March 7 after hearing about the earlier mistake. Mary Smith said she thought they might find a “Godless” dollar of their own.

The faceless dollar could be worth thousands of dollars, maybe more, Guth said. The value will depend on how many similar misprints are found, but the Smiths’ will always be worth more because it will be the first one independently authenticated, he said.

The first “Godless” coins went into circulation Feb. 15.

The Mint struck 300 million presidential coins, about half in Philadelphia and half in Denver. The Smiths’ coin bears a D, meaning it was produced by the Denver Mint. The “Godless” coins were all believed to have come from the Philadelphia Mint.

The Smiths said that when they get their coin back from Guth, they’ll stick it in a bank vault for at least a while.

Was Anna Nicole Smith murdered?

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Anna Nicole SmithAnna Nicole Smith was murdered?

The coroner investigating Anna Nicole Smith’s tragic death has found some new evidence indicating the possibility that she might have been murdered. The police called the new evidence significant, but put off announcing the results until the probe was complete.

Anna Nicole’s bodyguard, Maurice Brighthaupt, who was with her on the fateful day, claimed that her boyfriend Howard K Stern had been acting “highly strange” hours before she collapsed in a Florida hotel room last month. “This was unexpected.

But this case has more turns than anything I could have imagined,” the Mirror quoted medical examiner Joshua Perper as saying. Perper said he met with police chief Charlie Tiger after being intimated about the new evidence.

Dancing with the Stars star is already turning heads.

Heather MillsBet on for fate of Heather Mills’ leg

An online gambling site is taking bets on whether Heather Mills’ artificial leg will fall off during her upcoming appearance on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Mills, 39, the estranged wife of Beatle Paul McCartney, lost her left leg below the knee in a traffic accident in 1993. She is the first contestant on the hit ABC television show to compete with an artificial limb.

A week before Mills’ March 19 debut, Antigua-based gaming site opened bets on whether her prosthetic leg would fly off during a dance routine — and made “no” a heavy favourite.

The site added that Mill’s leg “must fall off, not be purposely taken off, during a dance routine for all Yes wagers to be graded a win.”

Mills, a former model, has been upfront about her unique challenge. “It’s very very unlikely my leg’s going to fly off even though it would be quite funny to knock one of the judges out,” she told U.S. celebrity TV show EXTRA last week.

“I’m hoping to show people that even with a prosthetic leg you can dance,” Mills said.

Mills will be paired with professional dancer Jonathan Roberts on the dance contest show. Other celebrities in the season starting March 19 include female boxer Laila Ali, the daughter of Muhammad Ali, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and Olympic speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno.

Have you ever been in a sticky situation?

TarMan accidentally sticks self to roof with tar

A 91-year-old German man was rescued Tuesday from a sticky situation.

The retiree from the eastern city of Magdeburg had been taking advantage of good spring weather to re-tar the roof of his garden house when he slipped and became glued to the structure himself.

Rescuers were able to free the man, whose name was not released, by prying him loose – bit by bit – from the gooey mess.

Authorities said the man wasn’t hurt, but his clothes were a write-off.

I wonder what lucky bride to be will get this jewel?

DiamondStolen diamond found in prison bathroom.

A $25,000 diamond was found stuck in a shower drain at the prison housing the man accused of stealing it two years ago.

Bret Allen Langford, 39, allegedly asked the owner of a Jewelry Express store to show him a 2-carat colorless diamond in April 2005. Langford then grabbed the diamond and sped away, said sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino.

Langford was arrested shortly after but the police did not retrieve the diamond. Langford was charged with commercial burglary and, after several transfers, ended up at Theo Lacy Branch Jail in Orange, where he awaited trial.

This week, an investigator representing Langford told jail officials to search the jailhouse drains if they wanted to find the diamond. Officials discovered the rock wedged in a screen beneath one of the facility’s shower stalls.

Authorities said Langford told them he stole the diamond and swallowed and regurgitated the rock each time he was transferred. But 14 months ago, just as Langford was about to be searched he threw the diamond into a shower stall and it fell down the drain.

Amormino suspects Langford came forward as part of a bargain he made with prosecutors. Farrah Emami, a spokeswoman for the Orange County district attorney’s office, would not confirm such a deal.

Langford’s trial is set to begin May 7 and the diamond is expected to be a featured piece of evidence.

Then it will be cleaned and returned to the store.