Good news for those of you with a Nintendo Wii

Shigeru Miyamoto Shigeru Miyamoto had an interview with GamePro recently. They talked about different struggles and triumphs for the Nintendo Wii. Here are a few snippets:

There are other enhancements to the Wii interface and developments being planned that are going to really make games for hardcore players a lot more fun and interesting.

I am really digging the above comment. I can’t wait for the new stuff!

Our big challenge is to find the next new thing that other people aren’t looking at and to take that and turn it into a kind of new and entertaining form of video game.

One other thing that I think is going to be the next big challenge for Nintendo is related to the idea of network entertainment. A lot of people have the misunderstanding that Nintendo is not interested in network gaming. What we are interested in isn’t so much the idea of creating a game that is online and networked in a way that we have seen online up until now. We are really more interested in this idea of having the household television connected to the Internet constantly via the Wii. I think you are going to see a lot of new possibilities for new types of entertainment, such as new channels for the Wii in that type of network environment.

I think that will give rise to more social-based communities including those created by users, which is going to be a very interesting and exciting area for us to explore.

Exciting indeed! You can read the full article @ GameSpot.

Goodstock coming to Summersville, WV — July 19-21, 20007

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You may find yourself wondering exactly what Goodstock is. I was wondering about it when I first heard someone mention it, so I looked it up. Here is what I found:


July 19 – 20 – 21 2007

Goodevening Ranch, Summersville West Virginia

The Mind Garage returns with all the original members and dozens of 60’s and 70’s bands from New York to California. Experience the music, rock culture, peace and brotherhood of the era with the bands and fans from Boston to Berkeley who were there the first time. Goodstock 2007 is great time for families all ages. The event will begin with the opening of Goodstock Village, as a festival of the sixties with vendors of 60`s memorabilia, exhibits of the era clothing and band attire, a 60’s museum style exhibit, bands performing continually, plus the re-creation of a 60s San Francisco light show. Camp in the Village or stay in nearby hotels. The Village will accommodate bands and fans from nearly every state in the USA, and from any other country, that has declared an interest in a casual celebration. Meet contemporaries and recapture the spirit of the times past. Camping on the 1000 acre storybook ranch is included in the ticket price.


In 1968 Mind Garage, West Virginia’s experimental, psychedelic rock band was discovered in New York City’s Greenwich Village, signed to RCA, and dubbed “theo-rock” by the Village Voice while inventing Christian Rock, and at the same time rocking fans in nightclubs and arenas. In 1969 the band was asked to play at Woodstock but declined. In 1970 the Mind Garage simply disappeared without leaving a trace and without renewing their RCA contract. They were not heard from again until 2005 when the band reunited with all five original members and planned a Summer of Love 40th anniversary festival called Goodstock 2007. The idea caught on and soon there were thousands of friends, fans, bands, volunteers and professionals determined to see Goodstock come to life. The official Goodstock radio station will begin to carry festival updates in the near future.

After nearly two years of planning,
Goodstock has a home in Summersville West Virginia, July 19-21

What is Goodstock?. You’ll think it’s 1969. Imagine the excitement of seeing the stars and legends of rock who played the Fillmore East, West and Woodstock, with the bands who opened for them, and the fans who were there, all in one place again. That’s what Goodstock will be like. In the 60s things were still on human terms. You could get close enough to bands to mingle, meet eye to eye, even hang out later, before big money promotions and fame put the great divide between bands and fans. At Goodstock that’s over. Come meet and talk with musicians and people who knew Janis, Jim and Jimi. Experience history first hand as you create some of your own.

Artie Kornfeld Creator of The Original Woodstock Festival 1969

Artie will be at Goodstock. With over 120 platinum records to his credit as a writer, performer and producer he was the youngest Vice President of Capitol Records when the Beatles were there. Artie’s first hit came when he teamed with Jan Berry (of Jan & Dean fame) to write “I Adore Him,” which became a Top-30 hit for The Angels in November 1963. Jan and Artie wrote a number of songs together for other artists, and scored a major Top 10 hit in 1964 with Jan & Dean’s “Dead Man’s Curve,” which Jan and Artie co-wrote with Brian Wilson and Roger Christian. Jan passed away in 2004. Among many other compositions, Artie also co-wrote “The Pied Piper,” a Top 5 smash for Crispian St. Peter in 1966, and “The Rain, The Park, and Other Things,” ( I love the flower girl) a chart-topping single for the Cowsills in 1967. Artie’s mark on the music world and all of us is indelible. To celebrate Jan Berry’s life, and his songwriting relationship with Artie Kornfeld, Goodstock will feature a Tribute to Jan Berry and Jan & Dean with a song by Woolly Bandits

Super Spectacular Psychedelic Light Show

The Ambassador of Light, Robert Morgan, presents the most extraordinary light show ever seen. Trip the Light Fantastic with Robert and Carol Morgan of Medulla Arts, and their favorite folks “Mind Garage” and a “Special Electrified Guest”,

Word of mouth is the best advertising, so tell someone!

Goodstock is a cooperative effort with an army of grass roots and professional supporters in the USA, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia because they feel the Spirit of the Age rising. Goodstock is the real thing, a movement complete with blue and white collars, old, young, doctors, lawyers, Indians, hippies too, not something concocted for a profit. It’s a happening by the same generation that made Woodstock a historic event. A festival like this may never be possible again. Those who came to Woodstock, and their kids and grandkids, and those who missed it the first time around or weren’t born then, will have one last chance to see and experience first hand the 60’s and 70’s come to life for 3 days in July. For 75 million Americans, Goodstock is less than 8 hours drive and for another 75 million less than 12.

If you are planning on going, or just want some more information…here are all the links you will ever need:

Goodstock 2007 Home Goodstock 2007
Image Links Link to Goodstock 2007
Light Show by Medulla Arts Lights Robert Morgan, Light Show Artist
Goodstock Bands A list of the Goodstock bands and links to their websites
Vendors! Click Here
Volunteers! Click Here
Goodstock or Bust Hook up a Ride. Caravan

I bought a Nintendo Wii over the weekend….

Wii The wife and I had been talking about getting a Wii for several days. Saturday morning we awoke and began calling all of the local places to see if they had any in stock. Three different Wal-Mart stores had them in stock, but they weren’t allowed to sell them until midnight. That didn’t make a lot of sense to me, because they weren’t holding them for a release date or anything, but all three stores said that they expected the lines to start forming around 9pm and the Wii’s would be sold on a first come first serve basis.

We were both obiously disgruntled by the Wal-Mart policy, and we still don’t know why they were holding them. We head on into town to do some shopping and our first stop is K-Mart. I went to their itty-bitty electronics section, and there was a single Wii sitting there. I quickly told the cashier to get that out for me as I went to find my wife. We walked back the electronics department, and after debating on it a little more, we purchased it. ( I was wanting to get an XBOX 360, but didn’t want to pay the premium price for it. I was going to wait for the first price cut to get my hands on one.) I wasn’t very enthusiastic about getting the Wii, but I compromised with her because she really wanted it.

Back at home now, I get the Wii all hooked up and ready to go on our 56″ HDTV. I boot it up and begin to get the feel of this weird controller thingy, aka the Wiimote and the Nunchuck. I was not used to this type of gaming at all…it was all new to me, and very strange. We had also purchased the game Wii Play so we could get the extra Wiimote.

We started playing a game of bowling….and….what is this??….you mean, when my hand goes back, the characters hand goes back??… and when I sling my hand forward, his hand goes forward also?!? OMG. This is the greatest video game console I have ever seen. I can go bowling, and have it feel like real bowling, without leaving the house!?!

After several frames, and several tennis matches, and several tank wars, and several etc…, I can say that I am glad that we bought the Wii. I am glad that my wife wanted one, and introduced me to it. Without her, I never would have given the console a chance…but I am glad I did.

For those of you that are debating on what console to buy, I strongly suggest the Wii. It is about $150 cheaper than the XBOX & PS3, it will get you off your butt and moving around to play, and it is fun!