A Childs Point Of View

I find it amazing how we can all view the world in different ways. A lack of understanding can give one a totally different perspective!

True Story.

The wife and I were going to the grocery store over the weekend and there was a State Police sitting near the sidewalk. It was a K-9 unit, and the dog was in the back seat. There was a woman and a small boy getting out of a vehicle that had Wilmington real estate posters all over it. They ended up in front of us on the sidewalk. As they approached the officer, the boy leaned over toward her and asked “Ma’am, is that a dog in your car?”

“Why yes it is” she responded.

With a very serious look on his face the kid asked, “What did he do to get arrested?”

I immediately burst into laughter while the boys mother glared at me. Hey, it was funny! If my daughter would have asked that, I would have laughed just as hard…. maybe even harder.

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