A Hatred Of Appliances


There has to be SOMETHING around the house that you use, but just can’t stand.

For me, it’s this frickin’ dishwasher. Not only is it completely incapable of actually getting the dishes clean, but the racks are so poorly designed that nothing fits in the damn thing. But by FAR, the worst characteristic is the noise.

I know dishwasher’s aren’t the quietest contraptions in the world, but sitting 15 feet away in my living room is roughly the equivalent to the cleaning cycle of a drive-through automated car wash. I think it has some bad bearings in it somewhere.

A close second would be my ice maker. It happens to lack the ability of being turned off. All day, every day, making and dumping ice into the ever growing glacier in the middle of my freezer.

So, what’s the biggest POS you’ve got floating around your homestead?

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  1. Actually, about five or six years ago a German company called Bosch turned the dishwasher world upside when they introduced a machine that not only cleaned dishes but was quite as well.

    When we built Jennifer’s dad’s house we put in a high end unit in made by Jennair and it works really well and is also extremely quite. If you walk by it the only thing you can hear is the water spraying against the sides.

    Of course, you pay for that performance. I think the one we put in his house was about $1600.

    I have never seen an ice maker that you couldn’t turn off. It doesn’t have a little wire lever over top of the ice bin that can be pushed up to turn it off? I guess it is possible that it somehow managed to get broken off.

    As far as household appliances that I despise. I hate any thing made by the Dell computer company. We have two laptops and they are both complete pieces of shit. Half of the keys on one of them have stopped working, and the other one shuts itself down without at any warning at the most inopportune times.

  2. The ice maker has the little lever that is supposed to shut it off. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s a pain in the ass when it doesn’t…

  3. I think it is probably getting ice jammed in around the very back of the lever, which in turn is not letting it disengage the gear that dumps the ice.

    We had one that behaved the same way and every once and a while we had to chisel the ice off the back of it. The problem with those side by side refrigerator/freezers is that there is a really cold zone at the bottom and a not so cold zone at the top and when you open the door and introduce warm air you get condensation which then refreezes.

  4. Our dishwasher works nicely, but is noisy (but not to bad – still quieter than the cheap one at our first house). And, I love my ice maker. I get ice and water all day long, so there’s never a mound. 🙂 I can’t think of anything maddening here. Of course, I should knock on wood….

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  5. Where do I fucking start? My dishwasher is not only loud, but it runs for like 2 hours. I do, however, have doors to the kitchen that I can shut…so let’s move on to my hatred of my heat pump. If I leave it on a normal setting, the temp inside my house is a little less than frigid in the winter, and if I can’t actually see my breath, I figure I’m lucking out. If I turn it up to something that might resemble WARM, it runs that hot air so much that you can’t even breath. Stupid heat pump.

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  6. Laura,

    I think you probably have a faulty relay on your air handler that is not allowing the heat strips to come on in stages. A properly installed heat pump and air handler will extract warm air from the atmosphere until it gets down to about 50 degrees, at which point the system then starts to utilize heat strips to produce more heat. If the system is set up properly you probably have two or three 10 kilowat strips that should come online one at a time as needed to bring the ambient temperature up to the desired level.

    Of course, if you live in a home or apartement built by one of these “homebuilding” companies there is a chance that failed to install the system properly on purpose in an attempt to squeeze another dollar out of each unit.

    The last place we lived in the states was built by such a company and they had undersized all the equipment, which meant that the furnace and air conditioning unit ran constantly and we still either froze in the winter and suffocated in the summer.

  7. I hate my dishwasher, too. We’ve taken to running it only at night, so at least we’re in bed at the farthest point from the damn thing. There’s a microwave at work that’s on its last legs. It makes squeaking AND grinding noises when the carousel goes around. We’re getting real close to throwing it out. I’m pretty sure we can buy a new one cheap. But no one wants to spend money, no matter how little, for items at work. We want the work fairy to pay for it.

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  8. Its not an appliance, its our new kitchen faucet. No matter how careful you are, when you turn it on the water comes out at fire-hose pressure…splashing everything within 5 feet. It came with one of those ‘energy-saver’ devices inside that lowered the flow…lowered it to where the damn thing wasn’t much above a trickle. Removed that………now I got this. Water pressure on everything else is fine though.

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