A Proper Answering Machine Message

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So I called a friend of mine at his house over the weekend. Surprisingly, this is the message that played:

“Hey! Don’t hang up. Please. Leave a message. I mean, you’ve come this far, right? Just say ‘Hi,’ or whatever, but please don’t just hang up. Every time there’s a dial tone on the answering machine my dog freaks and I’m still in the hospital from last time. When I get home, if anyone’s hung up, I may be killed! Please! Don’t just hang up, but leave a message first-BEEP!”

This friend really isn’t known for his comedic genius, hell, I wasn’t aware that he had a sense of humor until this. That jut makes it even better.

4 thoughts on “A Proper Answering Machine Message”

  1. Kathy – What makes it even worse is when they leave a dial tone message on your cell phone. It’s a waste of expensive minutes just to have to delete a non-message.

    staticbrain – As long as it works. 🙂

    CMG – So you’re one of those people huh?

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