A Quick Question About Bras

So ladies, this question is for you. I expect two different types of ladies to have two different answers, but I could be way wrong.

Question for ladies with BIG BOOBS – Is the main reason you wear a bra for support and comfort, or is it because you would be known as “The Big Breasted Lady Who Doesn’t Wear A Bra”?

Question for ladies with little boobs – Is the main reason you wear a bra to push up and make your breasts look larger, the support and comfort, or because you would be known as “The Small Breasted Lady With The Pokey Nipples”?

Please, discuss below.

And just so the guys don’t feel left out…

5 thoughts on “A Quick Question About Bras”

  1. Being a member of the somewhat ginormous boobage brigade, I wear bras because I feel too bouncy without one, and I want the girls to stay where they should for as long as gravity will allow it. Plus a good bra makes the ta-tas look HAWT.

    I know some of those women who have massive jugs that go without a bra, and yeah…it makes me throw up a little in my mouth.

    I mean srsly, who wants to see boobs touching the waistband? Ew Ick and Ack. No thanks.

    I love bewbs.

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  2. Oh, that’s just shameless, dear. You should have added for the guys whether they go commando or not, and why? Only seems fair, considering.

    I’m in the “gifted” category, and I like bras because they’re lacy, come in a million different colors and fun shapes, and I get to play around with those no matter how straight laced I look on my outward appearance.

    Kyras last blog post..New Year’s Eve

  3. Rather well-endowed here (was accused of taking Miracle Grow back in high school) and I wear a bra in public for containment and support. I also wear the more padded bra to keep from THO (tiddy hard-on) being obvious. However, unless i”m cleaning or something vigorous, around the house I try to go without because I hate the elastic band around my back. Even though a GOOD handful, they are still rather perky despite 2 children and nursing each for 8+ months.

  4. Hi – I have small breasts and I never wear a bra because I simply don’t need one, in terms of needing support or lift. I don’t care if my nipples are obvious – they are rather small anyway. So sue me for having nipples ! I’d hate to have boobs, because I can’t tolerate tight clothing of any kind, and definitely not a bra. When i was younger i wore a bra, because i was more self conscious back then. My little boobs do wobble a bit, but who cares! I only did it for social conformity. I feel sorry for big boobed ladies who have droopy boobs that need hoisting up every day. UUUGGGGHHHHH! Thank you for letting me ramble. :))

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