A Solar Updraft Tower


It’s a big tower surrounded by glass. The air under the glass gets heated by the sun and goes up trough the tower spinning the generators. This technology is very simple, almost perfect I say, one such tower could work for hundreds of years if maintained

Australia plans to build one with a collection area of 7km in diameter.

Spain built one with an area of 244 m diameter, it worked for 8 years and generated some 50kW at it’s maximum, until it was closed due to “structural problems”

I would like to see these towers wherever there is space for them, their simplicity is inspiring… sort of like personalized pens.

2 thoughts on “A Solar Updraft Tower”

  1. I really wish our country would invest research dollars into a technology like this. Along with wind and water energy, technologies like this could help reduce our reliance on bad sources of energy like coal.

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