Auto-Urine Therapy

Have any of you ever heard about this before? One of my co-workers has actually told me previously (he’s into crazy organic medicine and crap like that) that one is supposed to drink their second pee of the day, because somehow it is good for you? Or something? I really haven’t read too much into it, and something tells me drinking my second daily liquid elimination won’t lower my individual health insurance rates, but I found this image today:

Click for bigger more READABLE version.
Click for bigger more READABLE version.

Notice that it says “If we can drink the urine from cows, why can’t we drink our own urine?” So I ask to you, dear readers, how do you feel about drinking urine? Have you ever drank urine? And even worse, have you ever drank cow urine?

I may have to do a little research on this urine-drinking. My interest is piqued.

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  1. Cow urine? No.

    Human urine? Unfortunately, yes, but I did not drink it on purpose. It involved being very, very, very drunk and in being in the wrong position at the wrong time with a very, very very drunk woman whom happened to be having what I hope was the orgasm of a lifetime.

    While I have tried to block to incident out of my mind, the one thing I can recall is that it was very salty.

    I saw Bear Grylls drink his own urine once, of course, I also saw him drink the water out elephant dung.

    I do know that urine makes a good emergencey antiseptic.

  2. Do I get some kind of price for noticing the small smiley face at the bottom of the page, or is it just new to me. I don’t recall having seen it before now.

  3. Who has drank “the urine from cows” and how is that okay? Blech. I’ve never done that (to my knowledge – unless it was somehow in the water system or something) and I’ve never ingested human pee, either. That’s really gross. And the little pamphlet doesn’t say if one is supposed to drink it piping hot (fresh off the tap) or let it cool first. Ewwww. I don’t feel so good now.

    Evil Twin’s Wifes last blog post..Busy as a Buzzy Bee

  4. Garrick – Was it urine or was it the rare and elusive female ejaculation that flowed through your tonsils? Or, maybe she was just a freak? I watched Bear Grylls drink that also. He also drank water from a dead camel’s gut, and he ate… well, never mind. Sure, you get a prize for noticing. What would you like?

    ETW – You grossed yourself out huh? I hate it when that happens. 🙂

  5. No, I haven’t drank my own urine, or anyone else’s for that matter. I have been called Euell Gibbons and Bear Grills for what I do around here, but I haven’t gone that far. Although If I had to I would filter urine (I would filter it a couple times) if that was the only thing I had to drink for a long time.

    tims last blog post..don’t hear what I’m not saying.

  6. Unfortunately, it was just plain old piss. I think she was just extremely drunk, and I was caught in a position that made escape impossible without interrupting things. It also took me a second or two to realize what was going on and plan my escape.

    As for my prize, hum, I will have to think about it.

  7. Dear God if I have ever drank cow urine DON”T TELL ME.

    I imagine that piss tastes like salty fried chicken.
    I don’t know why, except that once I peed in the shower and it smelled like hot fried chicken.

    Yeah. I share too much, don’t I?

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  8. Oh. My. Word. No amount of added alcohol, fruit juice, Kool-Aid, or narcotics would induce me to drink my urine. Or someone else’s urine. Or cow’s urine. Or another animal’s urine. Nope. Nada. Not gonna happen.

    Only if it would cure cancer. Or butt-itch.

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  9. I remember seeing something on TV once about how if you were stranded out in the desert (because that happens a lot, especially around here) that you could safely drink your own urine, as it is sterile. And delicious on a hot desert day, I’m sure.

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  10. Canuck – The ol’ “who can pee the highest” contest. I think that is a right of passage for young boys. At least, it used to be.

    Stephanie – OMG HAHAHA! I assume that it doesn’t smell like hot fried chicken when you release it into the commode?

    CMG – There is a great cure for butt-itch. Witch Hazel wipes. Typically used to control inflamed hemorrhoids, they also work wonders for itchy ass syndrome.

    Efen – It’s a good thing your body can produce its own then.

    Laura – Yup. That is what Bear Grylls was doing on Man vs. Wild. He also pissed all over his shirt, and then wrapped it around his head like a turban to help “cool him down”. The thought of a warm urine drink on a hot desert day does sound quite intoxicating doesn’t it?

  11. My experience. What piqued my interest originally when I discovered the distinctiveness of urine. No two alike in the world. Like your DNA. 12 years ago I was plagued with cancer bouts. Prostrate cancer ended with surgery/radiation. Lung cancer/ 1/2 lung removed. When it returned Drs. recommended chemo. I’d had enough, fired all of them. After much reseach, discovered cancer has hard time existing in alkaline environment. Then learned through Dr. Simoncini cancer is a fungus. I’ve had it several times since. Now I treat it with urine : baths(3 gals/tub), drinking 6-8 ozs daily; and baking soda. Usually disappears in 30-45 days. Oh, another benefit. As a diabetic I took up to 89 units of insulin/day. Now I am totally insulin free, and no longer obese.

    1. Too bad about your attitude. Turns out most of 21st century healing developed by drug companies. the reason for most of out physical ailments today

  12. I just read the remarks about urine drinking. My live in girl friend has me drinking hers twice a week, about a pint or two at a time. She claims it is good for me. It is sort of a ritual now in the morning when she awakes. At first it was sort of hard to swallow, now I look forward to it. I feel fine, no side effects.

  13. Drinking urine is very healthy. It has thousands of chemicals and compounds that when ingested alter the neurochemistry of an individual. It’s based on an advanced science called NEUROPHARMACOLOGY where we try to correct the imbalances in the brain signals (apart from the nerves signals – which is to drive muscles, the brain uses chemicals to send signals to the body parts and immune system). In diseased individuals, there is neuropharmacological imbalance. In neuropharmacology, the amount of chemicals needed is tiny but it brings about a profound effect. The essence of all this is that the brain being the controller of the body regulates the immune system using neurotransmitters and neurochemicals. All this suff is still not properly understood by our scientists.

    However there is one person who uses Neuropharmacology to cure diseases – Dr.Fuad Lechin from Venezuela ( who is a nobel prize nominee for his pioneering work on curing Myasthenia Gravis using Neuropharmacological techniques. He also cures all kinds of Cancers provided the patient’s neurochemistry has not been disturbed using Chemotherapy or radiation. He has succesfully cured many patients after their tumors have been removed and who have not undergone chemo/radiation. His neuropharmacological treatment prevents relapse and makes the person completely healthy.

    So urine therapy is also high science – it is neuropharmacological treatment!!!!

    In the future, you can see personalized medicine and treatment using neuropharmacological techniques. Current medicine and way of treating non-microbial diseases is rather crude and unintelligent.

    Urine therapy has been around for more than ten thousand years…..folks sure did have lots of time to test things out….and we with our 100 year old commercially afflicted, semi-knowledge are foolishly commenting on a proven technique that has been lost over time!!!!

    As for the taste of urine, the urine of a healthy person is colorless, odorless and almost tasteless. If you are from a western country then your pee will almost be loaded with preservatives and the zillions of chemical you are made to eat or drink – so it will definitely be having strong odor and taste. If you eat meat then it will be smelly (western meat is loaded with hormones and chemicals).

    One primary requirement of urine therapy is to follow a vegetarian diet so urine of vegetarian people is more odorless compared to that of meat eaters.

    I can go on writing but i guess i have given some useful information here!!

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