Back in 2003 was hacked. Here is a photo.

Click the photo to make it larger.

This is one of the best hacks that I have ever seen. So subtle, so perfect…. until you
see it. Then it jumps out at you every time you scan the page… heh.

20 thoughts on “Back in 2003 was hacked. Here is a photo.”

  1. Way to leave your aim screen name in the picture.

    It’s an old screen name. It’s not in use anymore.

    Itรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs photoshopped you dumbass. You could do this in MS Paint.

    Thanks for the compliment, but it’s not photoshopped. I can clearly remember when it was hacked, and the link to the video worked.

  2. But… But… it’s on the internet! It *must* be photoshopped! Anyone knows that *any* picture you see on the internet is 100% FaKe! Seriously tho, ppl need to accept that some ppl still have talent that actually works *outside* photoshop.

  3. LOL smoke take a joke. My comment was a dig at the fact that pretty much every picture you see on the web has a comment after it saying “This is photoshopped!”. Notice I said some ppl still have talent that works *outside* photoshop. I don’t doubt for a second that some *talented* hacker actually did this, and I give that guy props.

  4. Why does EVERYTHING get accused of being faked?
    @David – Yes, I’m sure he does. This doesn’t stop things from REALLY getting hacked. Did your friend make this one? No? Well stfu.

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