sunglasses.jpgWhat is the deal with celebrities and their huge designer sunglasses today? It seems that the (primarily female) celebrities are having a contest amongst themselves to see who can wear the largest and ugliest pair of sunglasses.

What happened to the little tiny barely cover your eyeball type of sunglasses that used to be so popular? Those small sunglasses were so much sexier than the ugly things they wear now.

Sales are driven by sightings of sunglass wearing celebrities, such as Mary-Kate Olsen, Nicole Richie, Demi Moore and Lindsay Lohan. Yea Girlies, that’s quite a group that you need to be looking up to.

Every time I see a girl wearing oversized sunglasses I wonder what the hell they are thinking. Don’t they realize that a couple of years from now they are going to look back on all of the pictures they took and realize that they look like a praying mantis and a joke. Come on girls, it isn’t as attractive or hot as you think. Believe me. I have a new name for these uglier-than-homemade-sin sunglasses. Bitchfocals.

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