Blogging’s Most Wanted

Do you remember all of the hype about the million dollar home page? The web page with exactly one million pixels, and each pixel would cost you one dollar if you wanted to put an image in it. Well, Alex Tew sold that entire page in record time and landed himself a nice $1,000,000. That’s right, there are six zeros there.

Bloggings Most Wanted

Now enter Ryan Shamus of Bloggings Most Wanted. Ryan has an idea that is based on theBloggings Most Wanted Screen Cap original Million Dollar Homepage, but this time the page is geared more toward the blogging community. His pixel blocks are larger as well. (40px * 40px). And for the larger pixel blocks, his price is a tiny bit more expensive. There are only 625 blocks available. A quick sellout is expected.

For $15 you can buy a block on Bloggings Most Wanted web page and become a part of blogging history. There is a strong feeling that this is going to go viral which means that it could sell out in a matter of hours after it does. The viral effect means more clicks on the image you put up, and more traffic for your blog.

One more thing, when you buy a block for $15 if you put a link on your blog (in the sidebar, in a post…etc) Ryan will paypal you $5 back. So the link only cost you $10. AFter all the blocks are sold, Ryan will also have a cash drawing of everyone who participated and bought a block. The prizes are:

1st Place – $1000.00 Dollars CASH

2nd Place – $500.00 Dollars CASH

So your $15 (or $10) investment gives you a 1 in 312.5 chance of winning at least $500. That’s not a bad return! Head on over to Bloggings Most Wanted and get yourself a spot before they are all gone.

One thought on “Blogging’s Most Wanted”

  1. Great idea!

    I’m always a day late in thinking of the next great idea. One day I will think of something that has never been done before, and I will become famous for it!

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