Bragging Relatives Suck

I have an Uncle that seems to dabble into a little bit of everything. How he keeps his portfolio straight I will never know, but he does. He was into timeshares for several years, buying, selling, and trading them. I don’t recall him ever staying at one, he just liked the idea of trying to make a buck or two with them.

He was visiting the other day and started bragging about his vacation home rental, and the money that he was expecting to make from it. I don’t know how he plans on making the dough, that is “top secret” information that he doesn’t share with anyone. 🙄

He is always bragging that he has this new idea on how to make a fortune. I have heard them countless times, but I have yet to see him get rich off of them. Maybe one day he will prove me wrong when I say that he will never make a fortune going about it the way he does….but until then, I will have the last laugh.

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