Bucky, Bucky, Where For Art Though Bucky?

I seem to be neglecting my blog a bit more than usual over the past couple of weeks. I don’t really have a good reason, other than I just haven’t been feeling it lately.

In the meantime though, let me catch you up with what’s been going on in my world.

  • The post vasectomy balls are healing quite well. They were a few different shades of purple and green but I am happy to report that they are looking much better now.
  • We have had snow on the ground since the first week of November. The temperature rose to the mid 50’s over night last night, and it rained. A LOT. I didn’t see any snow on my way to work this morning. The warm rain really kicked the snows ass.
  • Our Christmas shopping is over, for the most part.
  • I managed to kill two deer so far this year. I still have this week and next week to hunt, and I want to get at least two more.
  • The company I work for is being bought by another company, so I have been working on and off for about two months now. It sucks, but at the same time, the break is pretty nice.
  • Garrick is supposed to be coming back to the states for a visit in the next couple of weeks. We are planning a small pizza-beer night.
  • The wife had the shits and pukes Monday. I had them Tuesday. We both are feeling better now.
  • I sold my Wii and all my games on Ebay. Those things were bringing close to $400 and I couldn’t resist getting that kind of money for something I only gave $250 for.
  • The wife and I have an anniversary on the 15th of this month. We are feverishly trying to find a baby-sitter and hoping my nutsack feels like bouncing around again, if you know what I mean.

And that is about all for now. I will try to resume my regular schedule of posting in 5…4…3…

5 thoughts on “Bucky, Bucky, Where For Art Though Bucky?”

  1. While I’m delighted to hear about what’s up with you – that was WAY too much information. You were my Wii guru – hard to believe you got rid of it. Speaking of which, I think I’ll head over to our old stomping grounds right now and check it out. Happy Holidays! CHEERS!

    Canuckleheads last blog post..Play Until You’ll Dino-SORE!

  2. Man you guys are sick more than anyone I have ever met.

    Are you sure that you guys don’t have someone trying to do you in or something?

  3. Canuck – You can never receive too much information.

    Garrick – I think that the lack of sleep due to two kids that never want to sleep really wreaks havoc with our immune systems.

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