Bugs, Film, And Radio

Every day for the past month or so, pinkster shows me her new “bites” when I come home from work. They appear at random places. On her arm, the back of her neck, on her leg, ears, forehead, and anywhere else the little shits can get their mandibles attached to.

We have vacuumed, washed, scrubbed, and sprayed everything in the house, but the bites keep appearing. We even took her to a pediatrician who confirmed that they were indeed insect bites. But from what insect, she had no idea.

I don’t get any bites myself, but I am away from the house most of the day, so I can understand that. However, the wife and my son are home the same time Pinkster is, and they aren’t getting chewed on either.

We are at a loss as to what plague is currently singling her out.

I recorded a few minutes of film on my camera for a short video I plan on working on. It’s basically just me taking a couple of cruises through a town I live near. It’s one of those small towns that you hear so much about. A town so small you can drive into it, but you have to back out of it.

I could possibly win $500 if my film is liked better than the other entries. I think there is also a payout of $300 for second place, and $200 for third place. Expect to see that video soon.

It doesn’t really matter if I win, because the little bit I am learning about film editing is great fun.

When I had an XM radio, I used to listen to Art Bell every morning on my way to work. I sold that radio a few years ago due to me feeling that I wasn’t getting enough use out of it to justify the ever increasing cost. I now yearn for those early morning rides with Art Bell sitting in the passenger seat and whispering in my ear.

Art doesn’t host Coast to Coast AM anymore. George Noory does. George was doing a lot guest hosting for Art when I was a regular listener. I like listening to George also, but he’s no Art Bell.

This week, I bought a subscription to listen to Coast to Coast online. It was only seven bucks for a month, so I did it. I can get my Coast to Coast fix (even though I don’t necessarily believe all the shit they talk about, it still fascinates me, cause I am cool like that) via pc, but that doesn’t really help me with the longing for the voice in my ear while driving. I guess I am going to have to figure out a way to get the shows from my PC into my car. They are iTunes downloadable, but I don’t have an iPod. And even if I did, I still wouldn’t be able to listen, because the stereo in my car doesn’t have a fancy smancy iPod dock or anything like that.

Anyone have any suggestions on how I can remedy my problem without it costing me a fortune?

I guess that is all for today. Engineer & Egyptologist Robert Bauval is George’s guest, and he interests me, so I must go listen.

Go ahead, call me a freak if you will.

15 thoughts on “Bugs, Film, And Radio”

  1. Bugs – have you checked for bedbugs? They don’t always go for everyone, sometimes they prefer just one person. The only way to catch them (because they’re wicked fast) is to go into the room in the middle of the night with a flashlight and peek under the covers and such – seriously.

    We do XM, it’s only um… $9 a month? Maybe it’s 11… one of those. I like it, especially since we have no reception here. Plus they include the online gadget too that goes on your desktop and you can listen to it all day on whatever computer you use.

  2. Bedbugs should come out in the wash, right? She still sleeps in her crib, and her sheets have been washed numerous times lately, in case it was bedbugs.

    She plays on the porch quite a bit, and we have several tomato plants growing there. We are starting to think that she is getting bit by something outside, around the plants, but the bites aren’t really presenting themselves (or she’s not scratching them), until later when she comes in.

    When I did have XM, my favorite station was 80’s on 8.

    I can still stream several XM stations via Winamp on my PC, for free. I also get all the XM stations on my DirecTV at the house. 🙂

  3. Does her crib mattres have a rubberdized coating? If not, bedbugs can get into the interior of the mattress. If they are inside of the mattress pretty much the only thing you can do is put the mattress inside an airtight plastic bag for a few days and suffocate the bastards.

    Is she playing in her new room much? I don’t want to freak you out, but I read an article about some carpet that is being imported from Mexico and other places that is full of bugs.

    Hey. Julian has a device which allows you to broadcast an Ipod across a vacant FM frequencey. It actually works pretty well and he said it didn’t cost much. I have been thinking about getting one because I have an Ipod, but my truck doesn’t have an auxillary jack. Of course you will still have to have an Ipod, but you could probably find a used shuffle for $20.

  4. We’ve had the carpet in her new room for a year now. She is just now starting to get bit, so I don’t think she is getting bit by imported Mexican bugs.

    I need to check on that device you are speaking of. I NEED one of those.

  5. Yeah if is she is just now starting to get bit it is probably not the carpet.

    I guess if it is something outside they should croke as soon as it frost.

    I think he got that device at Radio Shack (spelling). If you would like to get in touch with him just let me know and I will email you his address.

  6. I’m not up on the new technology at all, but I would probably burn it to a CD, then listen in the car, but I’m waaaay behind the times. As for the bug bites, do you think she may be getting bitten by fleas in the grass while playing outside? I hear that Avon Skin So Soft works well as a bug repellent and doesn’t have all the toxic crap in it like Off and other brands. (and those are not recommended for very small children. You didn’t say her age, but did mention a crib, so I assume she’s under 3).

  7. You can only fit about 80mins on a CD, and it’s a 4 hour show, so that won’t work. I could burn it as an MP3 instead, but the CD player in my car don’t do MP3’s.

    She is under 3. We just celebrated her second birthday last month.

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    I know this has absolutely nothing to do with original topic of this thread, but I thought the info might be helpful.

  9. There’s a ton of MP3 players out there, just figure out how much space you need by the size of the file. Get one that downloads with a USB cable. Remember, you may want to store more than one file. They make cassette adapters that can plug into the earphone jack of any device. Also there are FM transmitters that can transmit a signal to your stereo. Or just use earbuds, and take George wherever you are.

  10. ETW – Mine is also still in the crib and still in diapers, although she has been using the potty. She goes several times some days, and none on other days.

    drspell – I’m looking into those FM transmitters

    – I had a feeling you were a fan. 🙂

  11. Many car stereos these days also have a jack marked AUX. My AM/FM tape deck from 1992 has one. If you have one, all you need is a cord with a male headphone jack on both ends. Plug one end into the portable audio device of choice and the other in the AUX jack and presto!

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