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If there’s a consistently hot digital watch on Ebay, it may as well be a scientific calculator watch. Unfortunately, this isn’t a personal brag, but there’s an Ebay seller who enjoyed a little extra spending cash at this past Christmas. He found this watch at a flea market, spent a couple bucks on a battery, and cashed in for over $400 on Ebay! It may sound like one of those auction anomalies, but time after time we’ve seen these things get big bucks. With an original retail of under $40, you may have a nice little investment on your hands. And hopefully not your wrist. Remember, the better the condition, the bigger the take!Calculator Watch

5 thoughts on “Casio CFX-40 Scientific Calculator Watch – Forgotten Electronics”

  1. I am very mad at Casio for discontinuing the CFX-40 and CFX-400. 😈 I have written to all the customer support and technical support in Casio and they refuse to support the repair and the supply of the watch parts. Despite being told that there is a huge demand for this watch, they are adamant to what they are being told and just put a stupid reply like 🙄 🙄 “We are saying this with the deepest regret that your watch have been discontinued and we are unable to support you with any spare parts” 😯

  2. I have a CFX-40 still *brand new* in the original box (never worn), currently asking $750. Email me at neo AT if you are interested. Scott.

  3. I have one. One of the rows of keys however quit working, other than that it’s in good shape. Would love to try and figure out what’s up with that row of keys.

  4. Mine was stolen in Brazil in February 1987 at gun point. Still.on a hunt for a replacement. I just loved that watch.

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