Saying Goodbye To One Of My Favorite Hobbies


At one point in our lives (approx 3 years ago) the wife and I had 11 fish tanks in full operation in our house. Some of them were your average run of the mill tanks, and others were spawning tanks and fry-rearing tanks. As you can imagine, servicing all of those tanks took a great deal of time. Time that we used to have.

All of that changed when our daughter decided that she wanted to be born. To make room and have time for her, we decided to get rid of nine of our fish tanks. That left us with a 55 gallon and a 75 gallon. That seemed to be working well for a while. As she demanded more and more of our time, we sold the 55 gallon tank and settled on keeping the 75.

Now we have a son that is demanding he be born in July (what’s with kids now-a-days?), and we have decided to get rid of the 75 gallon tank also. We took it down last week and put it in the paper for sale. I decided to share a few photos that I had taken over the years.

(More photos after the Break)

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See… There Was This Child In The Road

I’m shoveling snow off the roof of my house the other day, and I’m adjusting the ladder when suddenly I get that “you should probably look up” feeling that you get just before something bad is about to happen. As I look up into the sky, I see my shovel tumbling from the rooftop fifteen feet above…” Apparently, balancing the shovel on the edge of the gutter wasn’t as stable as I had thought. Go figure… large object + slanted roof + gravity = potential concussion.

Because of the cat-like reflexes that I have honed over my 28 years, I was able to move my head slightly to the right while simultaneously screeching “Holy crap!” A lesser man would have only been able to accomplish one of those tasks. In my younger days, I’d be able to estimate the amount of force that the shovel had as it impacted my left shoulder, but I have taken that part of my brain which used to store physics equations and filled it with more important things… like where to find rare movie posters. I can tell you that it hit me with enough force to knock me to one knee. However, like any adult male, I quickly jumped back to my feet and brushed off my shoulder, in case anyone happened to be watching me.

Of course, when I tell the story about the bruised shoulder to anyone else, it’s going to involve saving a baby from a runaway Dodge Neon, or maybe getting an old lady’s purse back from a band of rogue pirates. People always love stories about pirates…

Dog Tags

A while back I got a chance to receive a dog tag to review. I don’t normally do this type of thing, but if it means I get free stuff as part of the deal, I’m all for it.

I got the dog tags in the mail yesterday, and was very pleased with what was inside. The dog tag came exactly as I had ordered it. No misspellings, the proper color, and it seems to be a good quality item. There are several different styles to choose from, and I went with the cheerleader style (for my daughter, of course.) I picked my color, typed my wording, and before I knew it, my dog tag was ready to be delivered.

Overall, A nice quality item which would make a very unique Christmas or Birthday gift!


Donate Your Car?

donatecar.gifHave you thought about doing something that is meaningful, full of good will, and will make you feel like you have actually done something good this Christmas season? Many Americans wish to, but many never end up getting around to doing so. The Holidays are a busy time of year for everyone.

Car donations are a great way to help out a good cause, especially if you do not have the financial resources needed to make a large cash donation. In fact, you will find that you don’t even need to have a new car. Many donated cars are in less than perfect shape, but they are still appreciated.

Car donations are accepted in just about any condition, in most cases. Car donation programs are more willing to accept a non-working vehicle than one of your local charities. This is because most car donation programs partner with mechanics and other car experts. These professionals could turn your non-running car into one that works great. However, to do this time and money is needed. Unfortunately, you will find that most of your local charities do not have either. Therefore, if you have a car that is in less than perfect working condition, you may want to obtain the services of a donation program.

There are so many vehicles in and around my area that are just sitting in yards, rusting away. They aren’t really worth selling, and they are doing nothing more than taking up yard space and leaving a brown spot in the grass. If people knew that there was a way in which they could get rid of vehicle sitting in their yard and feel good about doing it, they probably would. Help do your part, and spread the word about this great cause.

Online Checking Accounts

Are you the digital age type of person that does all your banking online? Do you have several checking accounts, or just one? Some people I know have more than one account. They have their “bills” account, and the other account is the “toy” account. The accounts are usually kept at separate banks as well. That way you have two entirely different account and routing numbers. Not a terribly bad idea.

Finding a place to open an account is no problem either. There are a lot of banks online and you can open an account with a few shakes of your mouse tail. One such place is WaMu (Washington Mutual.) You can open a checking account with them for as little as one dollar. You also get a Debit Card, Free Checks, and access to online banking.

So if your looking to open another checking account WaMu could be a good place to start.

The more I think about this, the more I am beginning to  like the idea of doing this myself. Suppose someone gets your bank info and they wipe you out. You’re left with nothing, nada. If you had two separate accounts, at least the money in one of them would be safe, and you wouldn’t be completely broke.

The more you know…