Saying Goodbye To One Of My Favorite Hobbies


At one point in our lives (approx 3 years ago) the wife and I had 11 fish tanks in full operation in our house. Some of them were your average run of the mill tanks, and others were spawning tanks and fry-rearing tanks. As you can imagine, servicing all of those tanks took a great deal of time. Time that we used to have.

All of that changed when our daughter decided that she wanted to be born. To make room and have time for her, we decided to get rid of nine of our fish tanks. That left us with a 55 gallon and a 75 gallon. That seemed to be working well for a while. As she demanded more and more of our time, we sold the 55 gallon tank and settled on keeping the 75.

Now we have a son that is demanding he be born in July (what’s with kids now-a-days?), and we have decided to get rid of the 75 gallon tank also. We took it down last week and put it in the paper for sale. I decided to share a few photos that I had taken over the years.

(More photos after the Break)

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