Too Much Guitar Hero?

I was rocking out pretty hard with Guitar Hero last night. I was really shreddin’. Jumping around, singing, making a complete fool of myself. I was really into it. And sometimes, that is just what I have to do to really get into the game. Interestingly enough, the games stopped and this image popped up. I guess I should calm down a bit the next time I play.


The Worlds Most Amazing Fishtank.

The original website of these photos is located at

I remember visiting this website a few years back, but that was when my wife and I were really into fish rearing. At one time, we had 11 aquariums in our house! It became such a hassle to keep everything fed, and keep up with water changes that we no longer have that many tanks. As a matter of fact, we only have a single 75 gallon tank right now, and we are trying to sell it…fish and all. 🙂

Like I said earlier, I remember this site from a few years back, and happened to see it still in my favorites menu. I thought everyone might enjoy the looking at these photos, and examining the physics required to sustain such a masterpiece.

And here is the FAQ from is a Fish Highway?
Imagine a means for fish to swim out the top of your aquarium, up to the ceiling, across the room and then down into another tank. That’s a fish highway. Click here to see an illustration submitted in 1877 for the first one patented in the US. Today they’re made of acrylic plastic, the same material used for many custom built aquariums.

Why doesn’t the water spill out of the highway?
The highway tube is completely sealed except for the openings at each end which are submerged below the tank water levels. Like a large drinking straw, when the air is sucked out of the tube the water rises inside it and will stay there unless you let the air back in.

Do the fish swim in it?
Do the fish swim in it.

Does it harm the fish?
As the fish swim higher the pressure drops a little but it’s only slightly lower than the pressure pressure in the tank.

How do you fill it?
When the air is sucked out of the sealed tube the water from the tanks flows into it. Eventually, after all the air is removed the tube is filled with water.

How do you clean it?
Water flows through the highway continuously so the tank filters clean the water in the highway. Algea is removed using cleaning magnets for acrylic tanks.

How does water flow through the highway?
Water is pumped through a separate pipe from one tank to the other using a small pump. As the tank water levels change (one rises and the other falls) flow is induced through the highway by the force of gravity.