Clearing Some Clutter

Our computer desk is relatively large. It used to be nice and clean, and everything was in its place. Lately, it has became a disaster area. There are papers strewn everywhere, mail, unpaid bills, pens, magazines, and fingernail clippers… just to name a few.

I talked my wife into cleaning out our pen basket the other day. We must have had 75+ pens in it. It was a big basket, and it kept getting in the way of my mouse hand. I gotta have a free range of motion when I’m doing this blog stuff man…  🙂

I need to figure out a good way to get everything organized. There is also a cable modem, linksys router, and a linksys voip adapter sitting here. I wish I could tuck it all away somehow. What an eyesore…. and all those blinking lights…agghh!

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