Cold Hands

Whenever I surf the net for any prolonged period of time, my right hand (the one I use the mouse with) gets really cold. I was wondering if this happens to anybody else. This is something that I’ve noticed for a very long time, but didn’t think of asking anyone about this until now.

That being said, I am running out of things to blog about. I might just start posting LOLcats and youtube videos….or investment banker jobs.

9 thoughts on “Cold Hands”

  1. Yes, I have the cold hand syndrome, too. Try keeping your hand at typing level (forearm straight) and not up at an angle. Works for me!

  2. I was just wondering the saem thing-my right hand is so cold it hurts!! i work 9 hrs a day at the computer-and have to sit on my hand every half hour!! lol I cant believe other people get it too-what the heckis it???

  3. Although you’re noticing the issue in your hand, the problem is most likely originating in your neck. That’s where the nerves that power your arm and hand come from. It’s probably not the angle of your wrist but your head or neck angle that leads to the discomfort further down.

    When you notice the coldness coming on, take a break for a few seconds to stand up, reach for the ceiling, and massage your neck, chest and shoulders.

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