Daily Blogger Awards

I was feeling a bit creative this morning and decided to award a few of my fellow bloggers what I am calling the “Daily Blogger Award”. This award is to be given to blogs that have at least 5 posts per week (one per day, give or take.)

These bloggers get up every morning, get their creative juices flowing, and start unscrambling the alphabet into words, sentences, and phrases. Rain or shine, just like the postal service, they are hard at work delivering their messages to you.

Here are the first of many winners:

Bush Mackel
Brown Baron

I present to you the Daily Blogger Award.

Daily Blogger Award

Please feel free to distribute this award as you see fit.

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27 thoughts on “Daily Blogger Awards”

  1. Thanks for the compliment!

    I never thought about this coming full circle and someone actually telling me to put the award up.

    I guess I can do that now.

    Thanks! :mrgreen:

  2. You’re OK now, Bucky, I’ve put up my badge with a link to this post.
    So NOW you can put yours up there, too.
    “I herewith officially declare Bucky a great daily blogger”

  3. Ok! Now that this HAS come full circle, let me thank YOU and compliment you again on this smart badge. It looks FanTasTic, it will encourage visitors to come back to blogs that cary it more often, it will create links AND it sits there on my sidebar staring me in the eye and encouraging me to live up to it!
    Hey, this is a ‘win-win’ badge!!
    A perfect example of Decent Marketing, buddy!

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