Do You Tip The Pizza Delivery Guy?

I don’t order pizza that often, and nowadays, every pizza joint seems to have these online ordering deals to simplify the process. I use my debit card, and everything works great. I hate having cash on me, so this works out well.

Tonight, a guy delivered my pizza, even picked my paper up out of the driveway when he came in, and for the first time, I wondered if I should be tipping.

Now, when I go to a restaurant and sit down, I start my server out with with their 15% percent, if the service is great, average, or shitty, I adjust that 15% accordingly.

Tonight, the pizza guy had a somewhat blank like stare on his face when I grabbed my pizza and just said thanks. Should I be tipping pizza delivery dudes?


I noticed on my receipt that they charge a delivery fee, so I figured I was cool. When I got my physical receipt though, it said, “Driver gratuity not included.” It seems they expect people to tip drivers.

I don’t know, just curious to what everyone else thinks.

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  1. I always tip the delivery drivers. They have to put their own gas in their cars with their own money. They depend on tips to pay for gas plus make a little extra.
    I always tip between $5-$15 depending on how far they had to drive, and how fast they got here, and how big my order is.
    My average tip amount is $10.

    Dude, you should always tip them, they totally depend on tips to survive.

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  2. Not only do they pay for gas, they’re often paid significantly below minimum wage because you’re expected to tip. They also pay taxes based on what they’re expected to gross in tips. The “delivery charge” doesn’t go to the drivers, and most online ordering services give you the option to add on a tip to your card, if you don’t have any cash.

  3. I had a friend who worked delivering pizzas for years, and my wife did it for a while, so I can say pretty definitely, yes, tipping the driver is strongly encouraged. Essentially, the pizza delivery guy is like a waitress who has to travel extra far to reach your table… but only once. And usually, they don’t get minimum wage when they’re delivering.

    I’ve found that when I tip well, I tend to get better service, too. I’ll be told that it’ll be an hour and change, but I get fast service when the drivers recognize the address.

  4. Of course you need to tip the driver. If you look at the delivery charge it’s usually not very much. Either that or drive yourself down to the store and pick up the pizza yourself.

  5. You should totally be tipping pizza guys. I generally tip $2 or $3 because I’ve had friends who deliver and the money they make is generally just tips. Working as a delivery driver is a lot like being a waiter – you’re just bringing the food further.

  6. @ Liz – Is it legal to pay them less than minimum wage? I thought that minimum wage was….well, the minimum.

    @ Phillip – I suppose that is a good point.

    @ KAC – I usually do go pick it up myself.

    @ Morgantown Rob – I have no problem tipping them $2 or $3. However, a $10 tip like the first commenter suggested seems a bit much.

    1. I was a manager for one of the big guys for over 20 yrs. Of course you are going to get various answers as to what they are paid. Here in Florida they get paid at least minimum
      with raises every 6 months. You should however tip the driver they get no compensation for
      insurance/gas/maintenance on their vehicle. The only way I would not tip is if I got poor or
      rude service from the driver

      1. im usually one of those sit back and read kind of guys, however…
        Ive been delivering pizza for nearly 5 years at a game themed name resturant.. not only do I not get paid minimum wage, but all the stores in a few counties have seriously cut back on how much they pay the drivers for delivery.. 5 years ago, we got 1.00 per delivery and there was no service/delivery charge.. now they have been charging for delivery (in my stores case its only 50 cents, but it still goes to the store regardless) and i only get 70 cents per delivery.. i never have gotten a raise and when even make inquiries, I, as well as every other driver there has gotten the same response.. no.. even though the insiders get raises over time. Food for thought.. as a delivery driver, i have to be able to do everything else in the store also… i answer phones, prep all the food that gets cooked, help make the food on the line, put and pull food out of the ovens, and deliver in my car, with my insurance, paying for my own repairs, or new/used car when it breaks down, i drive nearly 50k miles a year, sometimes more.. 2 years ago 65k miles in a year.. and only made about 17k before adding in the cost of gas (nearly 30 a day- due to gas being 4 a gallon) insurance (i pay premiums due to my insurance knows i deliver for a living), oil changes 2x a month and about 2 tires a month…
        every door i go to i smile, make quick chat, even if im getting poured on, in thunderstorms or blazing hot days w/ no a/c in my car because i cant even afford to repair it. Unfortunately Im stuck at this job because i have major heart problems and cant work any thing that has heavy labor attached to it.
        Looking now, where i used to get 2-4 stiffs in a day, about 10% of my deliveries were stiffs, nowadays about 40-50% are, and on top of that buisness is down.. and they rely on us drivers to pick up the slack in the store for the same pay in store, and even less in tips..
        so if any of you ever get a driver with an attitude after you give em the “keep the change” clause, dont be upset with them for being angry, or if your soda is a little extra fizzy.. im going to shake it the next time i come to your door.

    2. It is legal to pay employees less than minimum wage if they’re in a job that receives tips. If their tips or commission don’t bring them up to minimum wage, the company is required to pay the difference, but if they make minimum wage after tips and commission then the company can pay as little as about two dollars an hour. I don’t know which states work the same way or which states have different rules, but I’m quoting the federal regulations from So yeah they need those tips. The delivery fees don’t always go to the drivers either.

  7. We usually give our guy $5. We ususally spend about $16 bucks on an order. He comes here so much (and we live in the boonies) that he and the hubs chat for 10 minutes. I usually have to go take the pizza away and let them gab.

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  8. “Morgantown Rob – I have no problem tipping them $2 or $3. However, a $10 tip like the first commenter suggested seems a bit much.”

    A $10 tip is ridiculous, and they don’t deserve that just for bringing you food. imagine if everybody tipped that much, they would make more than Doctors.

    1. You jerk. It’s all dependent on the circumstances. If they have to make a 25 minute drive at minimum wage, and they’re paying $36 for pizza (two stuffed crust chicken alfredo from Pizza hut) then a ten is reasonable enough. And they won’t make as much as doctors, and even if they DID, they risk being murdered on a daily basis, walking up to strangers homes out in the boonies.

      They make the risk, and if the circumstances are right, they deserve that cash.

  9. OMG…of course you’re supposed to tip! Tipping is an American custom and the delivery charge goes to the pizza shop. Unlike waiters, pizza guys have to buy gas, maintanance and exspensive insurance since they’re using their vehicle for work! I swear, the cheap arse, idiotic Americans who want everything for free. Also, tip a minimum of 15 percent on the pre-tax sub-total. Pizza drivers risk getting robbed, killed, traffic accidents and tickets…all to bring a hot dinner to your home, don’t be cheap and classless, tip a minimum of 15 percent! Don’t tip and see what happens! I would never piss off any food server in charge of my food! If you’re too cheap to tip and want to steal my gas, time and money, then go pick it up!!! If employers would compensate us fairly, we would not depend on tips so much. Like I stated, tipping is an American custom. Be classy, tip!

  10. Somebody risks their life to bring you food so you can sit on your ass in the comfort of your home watching TV and drinking beer and you don’t think they deserve a tip. Wouldn’t it be nice if drivers could refuse to deliver to shitty customers the same way you rate service in the dining room?

  11. I’m a delivery driver for Domino’s and previously delivered for Pizza Hut. Both jobs pay minimum wage and a small amount (less than a dollar) for each delivery as a small reimbursement for gas. The rest of the delivery charge stays with the company.

    Pizza delivery is considered a job where part (about 50%) of your pay is from tips. That’s why some companies can pay below minimum wage (legal for tipping jobs).

    Delivering pizzas takes energy and believe it or not, some brains also. We organize your order, make sure you get the extra ranch dressings you asked for, manage to not get killed by crazy drivers or robbed (or worse) and somehow find your house at midnight. Many times the driver may be the person who took your order on the phone and possibly made your pizza. He/she most likely will be the one cleaning all the pans and sweeping and mopping at the end of their shift.

    You must pass criminal and driver’s licence background checks, drug tests, carry insurance, have legal auto registration and your car must pass regular safety inspections.

    Without the tips, most drivers would move on to other jobs. You can imagine who might be delivering to you if that happened. Most pizza places try to hire and send clean, polite and safe people to your door.

    So I make $12 – $16 per hour delivering pizza, as do most others I know. That seems a fare wage for the job required. Without tips, I’d be making $7.25, and I’d be off doing something else.

    It’s common to tip approximately $3 on a regular order (1-3) items, and %15 on larger orders.

    Thanks for ordering pizza (especially from Domino’s). Most of us enjoy our jobs, but we also count on your tips.

  12. I deliver pizza’s for a small regional chain in a town of 60,000.

    I am paid (after taxes) $6.00/hr and also a reimbursement of 5% all my delivery totals. Say I deliver $200 worth of food that night and worked for 5hrs, I’ll be reimbursed about $9 after taxes. Now I’ve been bumped up to an hourly wage of $7.80. Above minimum wage yes, but then remember I must have my own car, carry insurance, have more occasional oil changes/checkups AND pay for my own gas. Put all that into consideration and I’m only making $5.00/hr if I’m lucky. So Pizza delivery guys really do rely on tips to get by.

    You have no idea the adventure a pizza may have taken to get to you. We aren’t asking for a ton….$2-5 dollars, depending on distance. Many people forget they live all the way on the opposite side of town from where we are located and still on tip a dollar and change. This barely pays for my gas to get to you. I appreciate it, but am still making less than minimum wage without sufficient tips.

    Getting a good tip can make a driver’s day. Getting a bad tip (or none at all) will put them on the gloomy side of things.

    So the thing to remember is, compensate for their gas and then compensate for your gratitude in receiving a piping hot pizza delivered right to your front door.

  13. i am a delivery driver, and although i get paid just below minimum wage, it doesn’t make up for the people who order $30-$40 worth of food and don’t tip. it’s those people that irritate me. but my transmission went out in my car within a year of me being there, and i had to pay for the whole thing. i never take road trips or anything, and i’ve maintained my car since i’ve had it, almost 3 years. but replacing my transmission put me out $2,500, and it makes me mad when no one tips. although the economy is shitty right now, i understand why people don’t want to spend too much money, but if you’re going to have it delivered, you should be prepared to tip. i pay for my own gas, insurance, everything, no help from the company. but i like the job, it’s just annoying that i go out of my way, granted it is my job, but i go to your door so you don’t have to leave, and spend my own gas money to bring it to you, so it’s expected to have at least a $2 tip, if not more. but if you have a $50 order, and you don’t tip, i keep your receipt and remember that when i get to your house, i won’t get a tip, so i take my sweet ass time, you bet i do! why have fast, speedy service to someone who doesn’t appreciate the fast and speedy service?! not worth it! :/

  14. I used to deliver food and after 6 months or so I had about 200-300 regulars that I remembered quite well. I will just say if I had multiple orders, the people that I know didn’t tip anyway were bumped to last. I didn’t expect a certain percentage unless the order was ridiculously huge… generally I considered $2 reasonable for most orders. However, if someone orders $60+ worth of food it is frustrating because it puts you behind = less tips from other places, so it is only proper to give a solid tip on large orders.

  15. I don’t think the driver should get tipped for delivery. Yes, it can be a dangerous job, but that’s a career choice. Do you tip the police officer when he pulls you over? The convenience-store clerk?

    I tip wait-staff since they tend to me personally, like making sure my coffee is filled, my table is cleared, the order is taken correctly, etc.

    If anything, we should tip the person who made the pizza (AFTER I’ve tasted it.) Not the guy who jumps out of his car (which he writes off or gets paid mileage), runs to my door for a minute and gone the next.

    We’re already paying delivery fees (which is the way to companies get back what they pay) and yes, the drivers do sometimes get a small portion of that besides his wage.

    So, at the risk of needing my pie inspected for DNA, I say we should STOP tipping drivers for doing nothing more than their job. Rather hard for them to offer services above that.

    (Or, to be fair, tip every delivery that comes to your door. UPS and would love that!)


    1. To the moron above (Frank) – hopefully I will never have to deliver a pizza to you.

      Do I tip the police officer whenever I got pulled over? Although I’ve only gotten 1 speeding ticket in my life, the answer is YES. A percentage of the money you pay for a ticket goes to the police officer. Also, everytime I get a paycheck, I “tip” the police officer. He gets a very small percentage of tax money that I WORK HARD FOR.

      Please, if you are so arrogant and full of yourself that you think you don’t need to tip someone who DEPENDS on tips for their income – You should get off your lazy ass and get the pizza yourself.

      Delivery guys make either minimum wage, or (in my case) LESS than minimum wage. Why? Because we are a tip-based service.

      Please, take your head out of your ass.

    2. Alright, you used some other jobs as examples as to why you shouldn’t tip a pizza delivery person.

      Average Weekly income of a police officer: $1,222.94 (That’s $58,701 annually)

      Average Weekly income of a convenience-store clerk: $625 (That’s 30,000 annually)

      Average Weekly income of a pizza “maker”: $583.33 (That’s $28,000 annually)

      Average Weekly income of a UPS driver: $708.33 (That’s $34,000 annually)

      Average Weekly income of a Pizza Delivery Person: $197.92 (Without Tips)($9,500 annually)

      Just think about that next time you want to be cheap Frank.

      On top of that, for all you know, the person that “jumped out of his car” not only made your pizza, but had cleaned the place he had worked before, including the equipment that made your pizza. You don’t want to be messing with that guy, just give him a tip or he will remember you next time.

  16. tipping is very important. I am a waitress at Red Lobster. I work for the tips. the check i get every week is so small that i don’t even count it as pay. they pay us only 2.13 an hour. I can say that some people don’t know how to tip which is very annoying. If you don’t have money to tip, be it a waitress or a delivery guy then you don’t have money to go out to eat or order pizza. PEOPLE, YOU MUST FACTOR IN THE TIP. HAVE COMMON SENSE

  17. if you cant afford to tip, you cant afford to order. I drive, and all the rude no tipping jerks better hope karma doesn’t get them.

  18. Seriously if you stiff the delivery guy. the next time you will not get a good pizza, and they will give you the shitty service, and they will grab the warmest soda in the store.. and they would tell me like :Ohh shit i got to deliver this fucker pizza, and he always stiffs, so make a shitty pizza””” SO if u wanna good pizza and service u beter tip them!!!

  19. I’m a delivery driver for a sandwich place (It’s not Jimmy John’s though).

    I have a bit of a unique perspective on all of this. At the place I work, we generally do VERY large orders (but only a couple a day) – and about 90% of these deliveries generally go to hospitals/doctors offices/medical buildings/places of that nature. I’d say a typical bill is usually in the range of $100.00.

    I have found that people can be very generous, or very stingy and rude.

    The generous people are the ones who tip about 10% on a large order. There’s one guy I deliver to in particular who’s a pharmaceutical rep. He tips 10% on EVERY order. One time I got an $18.00 tip on a $180.00 order! I make absolutely sure he gets top priority and service over my other customers! 🙂

    The rude ones are generally the people that I never see. These scum of the Earth often order hundreds of dollars over the phone via credit card, and then always direct me to some kind of receptionist. Now in most cases, receptionists NEVER include a tip on a credit card signatures (I don’t think they’re allowed to, which is understandable to an extent) — but it’s really whomever ordered that turns out to be the asshole. They’re the ones hiding like cowards behind the fact that if someone else signs for it, they don’t have to throw in a tip…even on a $200.00 order!

    I’m almost to the point where I’ve accepted the fact that I probably won’t get a tip on a very large order. When I do, I’m ecstatic!

    Overall, I’d say it works like this:
    If your order is $25.00 or less: $3.00 tip, more is appreciated though! 🙂
    If your order is $25.00-$50.00: $5.00 tip
    If your order exceeds $50.00: 10% of the bill, very simple 🙂

    My reasoning behind the last one is this: If you can order HUNDREDS of dollars of food for all of your employees, you are in absolutely NO financial trouble at all. It’s that simple. On top of that, you wouldn’t go to a 5-star restaurant and stiff the waiter on a $200.00 order would you? $5.00 would be an insult. 🙁

    Oh and this comment is for “Frank”:
    We took on the jobs ourselves. Yes. However, I’m fairly certain that police officers don’t pay out of pocket for their gas expenditures. I’m about 99% sure they get reimbursed for it. Delivery drivers on the other hand pay OUT OF POCKET to deliver. It’s incredibly unfair to deny us at least a LITTLE compensation for the gas we used to deliver to you. You are stealing from us if you don’t tip. On top of that, we basically do just as much work as a waiter. Often times we make your food, prep the food, and then deliver. Both jobs are SERVICE ORIENTED. (Oh yeah, I also am expected to at least offer to set up all the food I deliver).

  20. Frank,

    Really? You don’t want to tip someone that is ALONE AND UNSUPERVISED with your food? Honestly, you think you can tell if someone crushed up bugs really really fine and sprinkled them under your cheese? Lemme level with you, most people cant. In fact there are a lot of things people commonly don’t detect that would absolutely turn your stomach.

  21. Okay here’s a few things about tipping.
    You tip according to the service received, therefore if you we’re satisfied and felt as if the driver went the extra mile and want to tip ten bucks, go right ahead. It is true, after receiving those ten dollars the driver is then encouraged to keep it up or better.
    Ten dollars is just an example, you can always follow a tipping chart.
    Finally why tipping is important, I happen to work at a pizza joint, and business has slowed down. There have been measures taken to avoid the risk of closing doors. Before the driver was making a decent amount of money per hour, tips, and extra miles. And now they lowered the pay rate, they have to compensate with their tip money. Keep in mind the IRS is part to blame. While now we must follow this new policy, and it is the law, let’s compare.
    Waitress/bartenders make their tips plus the new pay rate. They use their body.
    Delivery driver make some to no tips with new pay rate plus extra mile, with their own vehicle. (Btw extra miles are deliveries out of area and special request deliveries, which is obatined through the delivery charge, and that’s less than half of what they get, some companies pocket the rest) While delivering the pizza in their car an insured car with a specific isurance, that they filled with their gas money, and that the maintnence comes from their pocket. Oh and if they get a flat or their brakes go bad. That’s all them. And for those that might get harassed by a cop and get a ticket for anything made up or for speeding a mile more. That’s also all them, not that it should be the companies resposibility, but point is it’s a bit of a gamble to do deliveries. So tip? You decide, put yourself in their shoes. Wouldn’t you like to get a tip?

  22. I’m a pizza delivery driver, have been doing it for 4 years. I have a book in my car of addresses. Everytime I get stiffed, I add the address to my book. It is organized well so that it only takes me about a minute to check if the food I’m using my car and my gas to deliver as a SERVICE is a no-tipping asshole. If your name is in that book, you should beware. Honestly. I’m left alone with your food, entirely unsupervised, for as long as 45 minutes. I don’t lose anything if your pizza is cold, and I certainly don’t lose anything if there’s bird shit in it. I know you’re not going to tip reguardless of the service so, frankly, what do I care if I mess with your pizza? You mess with my life, my wellfare, I can certainly mess with yours.

    If you don’t feel you need to tip, then get off your lazy ass and go and get it yourself. Don’t fuck with people that handle your food.

    1. Right on Keith, I call it my “booger list”. It’s amazing what you can hide on a pizza that was in your nose or elsewhere. lol Stiff me, go ahead fucktard. lol

  23. Generally I would say no; if there is already a delivery charge, then you have paid your fair share for delivery. Whether the pizza place decides to give that to the driver or to “stiff” them is not your problem. Then again, many pizza drivers are fine, upstanding men like Keith, who will put bird shit in your pizza if you do not give them a little extra. So probably safest to tip anyway 🙂

  24. I am a server at a local BBQ Smokehouse. I make $2.13hr. because I make tips, so they say. The expo (person who puts my plates of food together) makes 7.50hr + 2% from every servers sales (NOT TIPS, SALES!) at the end of his shift. When I ask why I don’t make 7.50hr. they say “because you make tips”. How contradicting is that? So I want to start a ServerStrike, But I can’t do it alone. I’ve asked around to other servers and found that they would take 3 days straight off of work as long as they weren’t Fri or Sat. So I’m trying to get some feedback from other servers to get a good idea of whether it would be worth my time to put this together. My idea is to have every server in Virginia and anywhere else but I live in Virginia to take a Tue, Wed, and Thu. off all in a row. It’s time we make the restaurants pay us MORE! Let me know if you agree! I’m willing to go as far as advertising for these specific days. They can’t fire us all, they NEED us. You could get fired if you are the only one at your restaurant who participates so it’s every servers job to make sure their fellow servers participate. Give me feedback at Hope to hear from you all.

  25. Hey ServerStrike-

    Do your wages PLUS tips come out to more than $7.50 an hour + 2% commision?

    If yes, you have nothing to complain about.

    If no, quit and become an expo.

  26. Number one, I’m not the only one who feels like this. Number two my wages weekly = more than minimum wage but not close to the expo weekly salary, NOT daily though as days pay varies. Number three, I have to do side work at the end of the night (cleaning, folding silverware, refilling stuff, etc.) for $2.13 per hr. I’m not just speaking for me, I could care less, this is not my career goal perhaps it is my obstacle and a means for me to make quick money for right now. I am a graphic artist so I am just speaking out for the people. If you are not a server than you don’t know how it is. Why did you even bother to waste your time responding? Maybe you own or manage I restaurant, who knows. So if that’s the case, then I can see why you wouldn’t see from my point of view. Some restaurants make their servers tip out expo, hostess, cook, bartender, plus credit card charges to the restaurant. Do you make $23.00 per hour like my manager does, to just walk around a restaurant all night and do paperwork? then maybe you should quit and become a manager at a restaurant lol. Get real. Anyway, thank you for your input.

  27. I am a pizza delivery driver and I know how you feel about getting stiffed, I have people give me exact change for an order and one time I had a chat with a marine i delivered to and let him know we only get $1.00 for the 1st order, 40 cents for the 2nd and 20 cents for the 3rd. We pay for our own gas the mileage reimbursement is a joke and every sat and sunday i put 125-145 miles on my cars A DAY on weekends( he gave me a $20 tip for gas) :). To only get between $9-50 in tips (by the end of the day). I get paid $7.25/h but i get paid bi-weekly and my paychecks are anywhere from $200-$330. That doesn’t cover all of my bills or my car insurance I am glad I am married. Working from Dec 29th until yesterday Feb 3rd I put 1,023 miles on my car from this job. T.T

  28. Pizza delivery guys get stiffed all the time, and companies screw them over. They have to pay for their own gas, and wear and tear on their cars. Plus car insurance/car payments. Other companies have company cars/trucks for deliveries, why cant pizza places?

    Pizza delivery is about the worse job you can get get for mininmum wage, you really get screwed!

    And customers think you dont need a tip, without tips youd be making a few bucks an hr maybe after gas/car repairs.

  29. Bucky, tip them please! My coworker also delivers on the side evenings to pay for extras/ toys/ kid’s college, and he just got robbed at gunpoint & could have easily died. This is not the hardest job by any means, but they can face a lot of danger for your convenience. If you tip a waiter/ waitress, you should tip the pizza guy/ gal. I go with 15%/ minimum $3 in the US.

  30. I deliver to all kinds of people, some tip and some dont- and the ones that dont, get a delivery with attitude, smart remarks and sometimes a ” shaken” soda bottle- we have very little ammo to say anything to these people, who dont tip- I just wish some of them would do the job in snow storms, cold temps and pouring down rain, and see how they feel when I dont tip them.

  31. 1. Refusing to tip is not stealing. There is no legal obligation to tip. For payment to the driver to be mandatory such payment must be included in the price that’s quoted to the customer.

    2. People who tamper with food as a form of revenge should be barred for life from ever working in the food service industry. The fact that you would do such a thing makes me feel no sympathy for you at all. If you’re the sort of person who ever tampers with people’s food, you don’t deserve even a penny in tips.

  32. And there is a constant danger of being robbed or personally hurt ( I’m a woman delivery driver) or your car trying to get stolen. It is listed as a hazardous job and most insurance companies wont cover delivery drivers OR charge them out the butt because they are a high risk.

    A women I used to work with got robbed and the guy tried to hurt her she beat the crap out of him (self defense) My pizza company fired her, they said she was a liability. Also if your car is stolen or you are personally hurt the delivery company you work for is NOT LIABLE. So its all on you.

  33. Yes, you should absolutely tip the delivery guy. I was confused about the “delivery charge” as well, but it is actually just a fee your pay for the box the pizza comes in, and maybe for the delivery guy’s gas. They usually do not see a cut out of the “delivery charge.”

    That being said, I will never tip a delivery guy who is ridiculously late or rude.

  34. I work at a pizza place, I dont deliver the pizzas but the friends I work with do. The delivery drivers get paid less than minimum wage when they are clocked out on a run and when they get back they get paid minimum wage or above. The drivers live on thier tips because they have to pay for thier own gas. At the pizza place I work in we charge a $1.75 delivery fee this is to help cover the driver under the companies insurance in case they get in a wreck. On average the drivers get 4 dollars for each delivery they take.

  35. If you’ve read this far, you are probably a waitress, delivery driver, or you just want to know everything about the facts of tipping and delivering pizza.

    I am a pizza delivery driver. Been one for many years. I run an entire website devoted to telling the truth about pizza delivery and backing it up with 100’s of newspaper articles.

    Pizza delivery is a tipped job. Tips are EXPECTED, just as they are expected when you dine in at a restaurant. The whole pay scheme is built around that. If YOU don’t like it. go and pick it up yourself. No tip is EXPECTED for carryout. That’s how it works.

    “If you tipped last time, your pizza is on its way!
    If you didn’t, I’m going to the other guy’s house first!”

    If you want to read MUCH, MUCH more on the subject, go here:

    the Pizza Delivery Drivers Forum

  36. i am a delivery guy and i make $5.50 an hour and pay for my own gas and beat up my car and i work from 5pm-4am on weekends of course you should tip

  37. wow, so i always tip like a $1-2 sometimes 3 or 5 depends on what i order and how far they have to travel. but i gotta say pizza delivery is lucky as hell then to get paid 7.25 an hour plus tips and i dont’ have much sympathy to them. because i work at a restaurant where i’m a hostess and i only make 4.25 an hour way under min. wage and i’m expected to receive the other half of the payment from tips. which just to let you know most Americans don’t tip on to-gos. no matter how much hard work we put into it. just passin on the info

  38. I generally don’t tip. It’s because I work at a pizza place part time (high school student) and I make the pizzas, take orders, cut, put the sauces, take orders, deal with complaints etc (I don’t deliver though). The drivers come to the store, wait for an order take the order then come back and they get their tip money. I don’t get tips and I made the pizza! i don’t think it’s very fair they just drive to your house and give you pizza. Now I do see everyone’s point about gas money, insurance etc but they get paid for it, I believe the company should pay back gas- but not insurance. I live in Canada so I don’t know what the difference is in the States with wages and gas but it must be about the same. If the order is like 25.50 and I have a twenty dollar bill, a five and a loonie (1 dollar coin) then I don’t expect change. Tip if you want to but I probably will not, it’s not because I’m cheap though it’s because the person who was the work horse doesn’t get as appreciated as the delivery person. If they went out of their way to do something really nice like someone mentions they picked up the newspaper for you maybe I’d tip but that’s just common courtesy, they can leave it if they want. In a nut shell they get paid to deliver the pizzas, I’m not exactly sure how much though, if they aren’t getting enough gas money go on STRIKE if you don’t agree with your wages quit get another job. Again if you are an avid tipper keep tipping, but I just don’t believe in it and although everyone made very good and valid points, my mind is not changed. I don’t know why there is a delivery charge then, what the (cliche) H E double hockey sticks is it for then if drivers don’t get all of it, is it to pay their wage? I think it should go for gas money.

  39. There are so many times I wanted to push a bad tipper off of a cliff. I recommend seeing the movie “Waiting” to see what could happen if you don’t tip or are a bad tipper. I’ve been delivering for over ten years and owned my own place for two years (didn’t work out). Take tonight: My last order was two towns away. Twelve miles round trip. My car gets 20 miles a gallon so that’s roughly half a gallon of gas. Gas is currently $3+ in CT so it COST me $1.50 to bring the guy his $45 order. I get $8 an hour taxed. So before tax, I’m at $6.50 for that hour. I got a $1.49 tip. Totally wrong. They always do it. I hate that one house. It’s in a rich town with a bunch of snobs who could care less. We usually take our time to their house, take any other order we have first even if it cam after that one, and drivers accidentally drop their sodas 5 or 6 times on the way.
    The order I took before that one was half the distance, the total was $16.09, the woman gave me $20 and said keep the change. Totally on the mark.

    Whoever posted the tipping guide above should really try working for tips. If you’re a waiter: by all means, live wit the idea 15% is enough. As a driver paying for gas, insurance, maintenance, and risking my life in all sorts of weather and sometimes in very bad neighborhoods (like Bridgeport, CT), getting a 15% tip on a $12 pizza is like a slap in the face and you’ll go on my bad tipper list. That would be $1.80 for an order that could be in bad weather, in a bad neighborhood, where the idiot customer has no number on the house or the number matches the color of the house (impossible to read from the car at night), and let’s you wait outside for ten minutes while they look for money.

    That’s another thing: if an order is ever late, odds are it was the kitchen that messed it up or it’s really busy, not the driver. If you choose to show you displeasure by not tipping you are making sure everyone from the phone girl to the owner gets their full wage, even though they are probably who made your order late, and you are screwing the person who tried to get it there asap. So if you see donuts in your yard, or the mailbox is gone, or your house gets egged, that’s probably why.

    Some drivers will let it go. I do, but I send out postcards anonymously thanking them for being bad tippers.

  40. Tiffany and Jesse are both cheap. No one should listen to them. Tiffany is mad because she’s supposed to get good tips and doesn’t, so to get revenge she’s screwing other people out of tips instead of just finding another job (loser), and Jesse just doesn’t get it. He gets paid a higher wage to stay in the store, why would he get tips for being under a higher salary?

    When I was an owner I paid my pizza cooks the average starting rate, which was $13 an hour. I paid my drivers $8 an hour plus gas money. If I found out one of my pizza chefs thought it was okay to screw people out of tips because he didn’t get any, I’d be annoyed. Ask any driver if they might not want to get $5 an hour more to stay at the pizza place, not have to brave any elements, not have to drive into neighborhoods where they could get killed for a $10 pizza, not have to drive with drunks and other dangerous people on the road, and I bet they would say yes. That’s a guaranteed $500+ a week where a driver working the same hours will maybe make $200 to $300 in pay and will likely have to fill up once a day, so figure $100 a week in gas, then they have to maintain their car and insurance. If the car breaks and they can’t cover it, they lose their job. A store worker can take the bus or get a ride if that happens. So right off the bat we’re at $100 to $200 a week after expenses. Yes, we expect tips.

    I treat the customers with respect and I get the food there fast. If they tell you 45 minutes, I will have it there in 20 to 30. If you screw me out of a tip or give me a totally bad tip ($5 for a $100 is a bad tip) you will always get your order in 45 minutes or longer fro me after that. I will not get your mail. I won’t play with your dog, I’m not saying hi to your kids, I will give you a blank look, take the money, and leave. That’s the service you get for showing us you could care less about us.

    Now, imagine a world that doesn’t tip at all. Drivers would quit, so deliveries would stop. One of two things would have to happen: A) You get off your lazy butts and come get the food. B) The pizza places would have to either buy employee vehicles or pay a much higher wage to drivers to cover minimum wage, gas, etc, and make it worth doing. Both of which would be passed on to you the customer. So that $10 pizza now becomes $15 because you’re cheap. It is possible some cheap pizza at places with bad pizza would be unaffected, but you get what you pay for.

    And if you have a business, like you’re a plumber, Realtor, etc and we see your company logo, and you stiffed us, we will go out of our way to tell as many people as we know that they should avoid your business. If we see you broken down on the side of the road, we will keep going. If we see you walking near a puddle, we will try to hit it to soak you. If you are getting robbed or having a heart attack, we will not call the police for you. We will return the favor of considering you just as worthless as a human being as you did for us.

    The city I mentioned before, Bridgeport, is one the the 50 most dangerous cities in the United States. You try delivering there in the summer when everyone is outside at night, while having money, food, a car, a cell phone, for low wages and no tip, see how you like it. Some people say we get paid to do that job, and yes we do, but bartenders get paid for their work, taxi drivers for theirs, waiters for theirs, massage therapist, hairdressers, golf caddies, etc all get paid for theirs, so you going to screw them also?

    I have a friend who never tips at bars. I always start with a $5 tip for my first drink. He gets served last, I get served right away. Every time. He will often wait 15 to 20 minutes for a beer when I have one in my hand before I even ask for it (which is funny because I’m not always ordering a beer), but he doesn’t believe in tipping. I don’t believe in people getting paid under minimum wage.

    Some people are just ingrates and it sucks for the people trying to give them good service. If you don’t tip you should just go do whatever it is you want yourself.

  41. Adam Smith – you asked what would happen in “a world that doesn’t tip at all”. I’ll tell you what would happen: nobody would work as a driver until wages were raised, and thus their wages would get raised, and that price would be reflected in the delivery charge, as it should be. About the same amount of money would change hands, but drivers would not have to worry about getting stiffed; it would be better for everyone. With a moniker like “Adam Smith,” I would imagine this would be obvious to you.

    I do find it interesting that you were an owner of a business at one point, and are now just a driver for someone else. Then again, with statements such as “If you are getting robbed or having a heart attack, we will not call the police for you,” I guess I should not be surprised. Sometimes the good guys do win.

  42. Dave, you’re dreaming. Customers will call another pizza place if you don’t have coupons, so if you raise your pizza prices significantly to pay drivers what they’re worth, they’ll either call the guy who is going through drivers ripping them off on pay, or they’ll finally go pick it up from one of the places that stops delivering.

    It’s kind of hard to put a price tag on what a driver is worth. You might think $10 an hour is fair, most pizza drivers would expect much higher, probably about $20 an hour to do the job without tips. Look it up, delivering pizza is one of the most dangerous jobs in America, far more dangerous than being a police officer. We don’t get to carry guns or tasers, or any of the cool stuff they have, and can get fired if we defend ourselves in a robbery. Most places require you do what the robber tells you to do and hope they don’t murder you. The alternative is living, of course, so no driver in their right mind would pick dying. Look it up on google.

    The economics of it make far more sense if people just showed some gratuity. There might be days where you can’t afford a good tip or any tip. Thus you get your food at a low price and the driver makes nothing off of it, but if you’re a good tipper, we get that everyone has bad days and we won’t hold it against you. It’s serial bad tippers we hate. It’d be like me going to buy a house and trying to argue the Realtor doesn’t deserve a commission since he gets paid a salary. Or that car salespeople don’t deserve bonuses for the same reason. Imagine paying an extra $400 for a car, or an extra $5,000 for a house so those workers get paid what they deserve (that would be on top of that extra money you already do pay for it). With no sort of performance bonus, a lot of employees would settle for being average. Why excel if it isn’t rewarded?

    As for having been an owner, I suggest you try running a new pizza place in a city in this economy and get back to me on how easy it is. As for the serial tippers who might need the driver’s help, if you think us refusing it somehow makes us the bad guys, you need to see a shrink. They would never go out of their way for us. You can tell a lot about a person who doesn’t tip.

  43. I wasnt able to read ALL the way through this but Im surprised no one mentioned the fact that ALL of us delivery drivers HATE when the customer will say “keep the change” from a 18.85 order paid with a twenty. You say thanks thinking you have a buck (better than NOTHING) but they say “what about my dollar?” THATS whats annoying. If someone is THAT surprising! They want you to have the 15 cents and think they are being a “good tipper”

  44. stop being so cheap….these guys need the dollar or two more than most ppl. It is not only appropriate to tip, I think it is necessary if you want continued good service and not cold pizza! And BTW 15% is not really the standard for tipping at restaurants anymore…it is 18% and USUALLY 20%. I never leave less than 20% unless the service and/or server was really outrageous with bad service! Then I will drop to 15% or less if it was really terrible. Again…these ppl need the money…that is what they are working for..TIPS!

  45. Why even tip the driver in the first place?

    I just ordered from Papa Johns, and purchased the Papa John Favorite for $10.00. Ordered nothing else and the total price is $14.64? What the hell is that? That’s a 45% sales tax. Although they say it’s sales tax, convenience tax and delivery charge. So why tip in the first place? Seriously?

  46. And if these guys need the money they shouldn’t work for greedy corporations that rip off their clients. I’m buying frozen Tombstone and Totino’s pizza from now. The other night my father purchsed a $11.00 pizza from Pizza Hut and the Total Price was $15.87?

  47. Prana, if you agree to pay for the food you’re making sure everyone from the owner to the cook to the phone girl gets paid, but if you don’t tip, the one person using their own car, paying for their own gas, risking their life to bring you pizza, is getting screwed. They will remember you. They will either screw with your food or just take your order last. Seriously, if you were at a restaurant and they had these extra fees would you take it out on the waiter who’s making $5 an hour? What’d he do to you? You ordered from the establishment knowing their costs. To not tip the driver, who likely makes $6 an hour, is just wrong.

    The alternative for people who don’t tip is to pay what drivers are worth, figure about $15 an hour to cover everything from pay, to risk, to up-keeping the vehicle. That extra cost would be rolled down to the customer. So that large pizza goes from $10 to $15 and you get to feel good about being cheap.

    I used to own a pizza place so if you’d like I can tell you how to make a great pizza that will cost about $1.50 per large pizza you make. You’ll have to buy the supplies in bulk from someplace like Restaurant Depot, but it will taste better than any pizza place near you.

  48. Lin: Unfortunately the average for a delivery driver is between 5% to 10%. A dollar tip is about average for the ignorant customers. There are lots of those. Around where I live there are lots of standard tippers who really suck because they might give you $3 if the order is $20, but when the order is $300 they still give you $3. Some customers never tip. Ever. We all just take those orders last, we stop being polite, we get in and get out. Screw them. They don’t deserve good service. Our job is to bring the food not to go the extra mile. We do go the extra mile for most people even if it’s only for a $3 tip. We pet the dogs, we say hi to the kids and entertain them for a few minutes, we get the mail or packages and sometimes we even help bring in groceries. We do it all with a big smile on our face because we want to impress the customer with great service and get a great tip.

    People don’t realize what we do is dangerous. That waiter goes from the kitchen to the table, if they even bring you the food. Lots of place have food runners to do that work. We drive in ice, we drive in snow, we drive in rain, day, night. 100 degree weather to 0 degree weather. We go into high crime neighborhoods. We drive with all the nuts on the road. We go to houses with no lights on, or broken steps. We’re often made to wait by the customer who’s out shopping or asleep screwing us on our next tip. We go through a lot. All we ask is for the same courtesy the waiter gets.

  49. Adam Smith. How is the delivery driver capable of screwing with my food when I no longer purchase from the establishment he/she works for?

  50. You might not order from that place any more but if your standard practice when you’re unhappy with food prices is to screw with the lowest guy on the totem pole not only are you a loser, but it will catch up to you eventually. Karma always does. You sound a little like you never had to work hard for anything, so that could be the problem, too. People who are handed everything in life have no respect for the common man. If you had to work for tips to survive and you had a customer like you, you would probably be pissed. It’s okay though, it takes losers like you to be the contrast for the rest of us so we are recognized as being good people who would never do anything like that.

  51. I’ve got to hand it to the pizza companies; they are playing suckers like Adam Smith like a fiddle!

    Step 1: Pay your workers below minimum wage
    Step 2: Trick your workers into thinking it is the customer’s fault
    Step 3: Profit!

  52. Dave, it has nothing to do with our thinking it’s the customer’s fault. Those of us who deliver know the blame lies a little everywhere. You don’t seem to understand how much it costs to run a business and that most customers seem to want a great pizza at McDonald’s prices. Businesses need to profit to stay afloat. The reason restaurants and pizza places pay employees less is because of tips. If they paid us more they would have to either raise prices to compensate or accept less profit and risk going out of business. The average business yearly profit is around 7%. That’s no a huge number. That means 93% of what you take in went right back into the business with taxes, payroll, costs, insurance, etc. As a customer it’s really easy to think businesses should be non-profit agencies, but that’s just because most customers are cheap. Until someone visits their place of employment. Then suddenly it’s different. How many lawyers and doctors rip people off with $300 an hour prices. How many massage therapists with $80 an hour prices, or plumbers with whatever they charge, etc, etc. I’m sure whatever you do there’s a significant markup and you could really charge the customer a lot less if you didn’t care about paying your own bills.

    When things like gas go up customers don’t order less food, they just tip drivers and waiters less money. They always screw the lowest guy on the totem pole. That’s why you see delivery fees everywhere now. Drivers cars run on gas, not good intentions. If not for those delivery fees a lot of customers would never tip and drivers would actually lose money to bring you the food. Often that happens anyway.

    Here’s a suggestion: open a business and pay all your employees what they are truly worth. Give them a living wage and above. Then get back to me and let me know how long you stay in business.

  53. As for being suckers, you’ve obviously never worked for tips. When people tip like they should for the service and you hit a good stride, a delivery driver can make $30 an hour or better with tips. The average is probably closer to $20 an hour, and the extreme low would be around $12 an hour. But that would be a bad day. But in any of those cases you have to subtract gas, wear and tear, etc.

  54. Prana, I’m guessing you’re a little bitch who’s had everything handed to them in life and feels entitled to screw with the average person. Odds are someone has already screwed with your food because of the kind of person you are and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I suggest you go get a copy of the movie “Waiting” and watch and see what happens to customers like you that complain or stiff people on tips. And if the areas near you start charging more for delivery because of people like you you’ll either have to get off your lazy ass and go get your own food, or pay the higher costs.

  55. Regardless of the price of the order and whether or not a delivery charge is part of the price, having pizza delivered is a tipping situation and tipping the driver is both appropriate and expected. If you receive good service and do not tip the driver you are essentially stealing their services.

    The trend in the industry is to pay less than minimum wage now. The market has become oversaturated and in an effort to remain profitable (or just due to greed) most independent shops, franchises and even the “Big 3” Pizza Hut, Dominos, and Papa John’s are cutting drivers pay using “tip credit” laws and are now paying them in the same way waitresses are paid. My pay was cut to just $4 an hour and more and more stores are cutting pay every day. We don’t blame customers for the wage cut, but it does greatly increase the focus on tips as they are now becoming a crucial part of our income. When I was paid more than minimum wage, a stiff was just an annoyance. Now that my employer has cut my pay in the expectation that I will receive tips to make up the difference, I too expect to be tipped. When someone doesn’t tip for good service, they are abusing my services and not living up to their end of the bargain. Your future service will suffer accordingly.

    If tipping is a problem, go pick it up yourself, or go to the grocery store.

    Drivers’ income is being assaulted from all sides. Wages are being cut. Delivery charges piss off customers and reduce our tips. Mileage reimbursement has become so low that there are now nationwide class action lawsuits against the Big 3. I run a website for delivery drivers and have collected hundreds of articles about tipping, crimes, assaults and murders against drivers, driver safety tips, a detailed listing of the status of all of the current lawsuits drivers can join, a collection of early pizza delivery commercials on YouTube, and countless interesting stores about pizza delivery in general. If you want to know MUCH more about the pizza delivery industry, please go to:

  56. “If you receive good service and do not tip the driver you are essentially stealing their services.”

    If that were the case, then you would be able to call the police. For example, if you delivered a pizza and the customer took it and refused to pay the full official price for the pizza, you could call the cops on him. But every penny after that (i.e. the tip) the police would not care about. THAT is how you know it is not “stealing”.

  57. Exactly. Don’t forget gas prices, insurance, oil changes, tires, etc. I live in New England and in the winter we put a lot of wear and tear on our cars. I think it’d be funny to see people like Prana deliver in Bridgeport. He can look it up and see how dangerous that city is. I’ve lived there for the last year and a half and delivered there (without incident), as I did when I lived in New Haven and delivered there (also without incident). But I consider myself to be the exception, not the rule. I have serious street smarts from living in the various cities around here for so long. It always amazes me that people like Prana would be okay with us risking our lives to deliver a pizza (think blizzard, hurricane, etc) and would turn around and stiff us on a tip as if it’s okay because we chose this job. The last place I worked at was 60 miles round trip just to work. They paid $6.50 an hour, and despite it’s being a very wealthy area (Greenwich, CT) tips were terrible. I had car trouble one day and missed 3 work days and they fired me. I ‘m looking for another place yet again, but that’s the sort of thing we have to deal with.

  58. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if we had some delivery guys here in NYC that would volunteer for hurricane duty. NYC may have its problems, but we have the most KICK ASS delivery guys in the entire world. Ain’t nothing keeps them from delivering the goods.

  59. I hear guys do it with bikes in NYC. No way I would do that on top of all the other work pizza places typically make you do for that $6 an hour. Scooter, maybe, but if there was parking I’d want to user my car. Of course, even though I’ve driven in Boston, I never tried driving NYC, but from what I hear driving in New Haven is worse and I lived in New Haven for 20 years. I think the only driving thing that would mess me up in NYC is how some streets go from two-way during the day to one way at night, or vice versa. I was there about a year and a half ago and my girlfriend suggested we take the train because of all the traffic. We get there and the streets were practically empty. Literally. It was weird. It was a Sunday night, but it was like a ghost town.

  60. get a life adam. you talk way to much bud. Infact, as an 18, 19 and 20 year old, I delivered pizza for Domino’s. I understand the bull((it involved in making $5.15 an hour plus tips. However, I sold cars, and before that worked for Northern Production drilling oil as a green horn. The problem is. . . Is You. You’re a pussy you little bitch mother fuck#r. You’re tough now, on the web. But, how tough are you when You staring down the barrel of a 44 or looking at an axe. Pussy!

    Have you ever looked down the barrel of a sawed off shotgun? Do you know anyone doing life in prison for 1st degree murder? watch what you say you punk mother fuck#$. Fear what you don’t understand, and watch your neighbors carefully. You never know what goes on behind closed doors, or who you live next door to.

    So while I aint around you white clown let me know whats’ been going down you fuc@ed up piece of shi@. Keep chillen like a villain you pussy. I’ll be kicken it like a cricket thinking of you piece of shit!

  61. get a life adam. you talk way to much bud. Infact, as an 18, 19 and 20 year old, I delivered pizza for Domino’s. I understand the bull((it involved in making $5.15 an hour plus tips. However, I sold cars, and before that worked for Northern Production drilling oil as a green horn. The problem is. . . Is You. You’re a pussy you little bitch mother fuck#r. You’re tough now, on the web. But, how tough are you when You staring down the barrel of a 44 or looking at an axe. Pussy!

    Have you ever looked down the barrel of a sawed off shotgun? Do you know anyone doing life in prison for 1st degree murder? watch what you say you punk mother fuck#$. Fear what you don’t understand, and watch your neighbors carefully. You never know what goes on behind closed doors, or who you live next door to.

    So while I aint around you white clown let me know whats’ been going down you fuc@ed up piece of shi@. Keep chillen like a villain you pussy. I’ll be kicken it like a cricket thinking of you piece of shit!chillen like a villain you pussy. I’ll be kicken it like a cricket thinking of you piece of shit!

  62. Prana, you think I’m the pussy then you make the statement about looking down the barrel of a 44, sawed off or an axe? You ask any one of people like you who would bring a gun into the picture to go straight up and you cowards always wet yourselves thinking about how you can’t fight. Anyone who needs a weapon to solve an argument is the biggest kind of pussy there is. It figures you’d mention race, lowlife ignorant losers usually do. Yes, I am White. I guess you just have to live with the fact that there are White people in the world. We’ve been here quite a while. You sound jealous. You need to just except your lot in life and move on.

    As for guys on bikes, it’s funny how your first thought is something Gay, so I guess you have tendencies towards men on top of everything, which is fine, but you should except your Gayness instead of making fun of it.

  63. “I sold cars, and before that worked for Northern Production drilling oil as a green horn”

    “So while I aint around you white clown let me know whats’ been going down you fuc@ed up piece of shi@. Keep chillen like a villain you pussy. I’ll be kicken it like a cricket thinking of you piece of shit!chillen like a villain you pussy. I’ll be kicken it like a cricket thinking of you piece of shit!”

    green·horn (grnhôrn)
    1. An inexperienced or immature person, especially one who is easily deceived.
    2. A newcomer, especially one who is unfamiliar with the ways of a place or group.

    What the fuck are you even saying?! It’s like a retard, or ten year old kid or one of those chat bots

  64. The bottom line is your supposed to tip your driver so if you don’t your cheap. If you don’t tip your waitress your cheap. Ask your friends, family, neighbors, and. Coworkers, I bet most of them tip the driver. Quit trying to justify being distasteful and cheap. It doesn’t matter if you don’t agree with the reasons, if you don’t want to tip go pick it up or look like a jerk.

  65. Jessi you are a cheap fuck I always give a 20 percent tip no matter if they’re coming from a block away plain and simple you are disgusting and your a girl too

  66. average cost of using your own vehicle is 52 cents a mile, this was concluded in a 2011 AAA study and includes gas repairs and value loss
    average mileage per delivery in my area is 6 miles
    pay per delivery is 75 cents
    average deliveries per shift is 12
    average order size is $28
    starting pay for a driver is $5.50 per hour
    average vehicle cost for a weeks work is $187.20
    paycheck is for the week $220 before tax
    average mileage compensation for the week is $45
    without tips the driver will make a net profit 77.80 per week before taxes
    taxes paid will be aprox 7% of the $220 which is $15.40
    taxes paid on 8% ($134.40 claimed tips) of delivered goods is also 7% another $9.41
    after taxes an adjusted drivers take home income here is $52.99 for a 40 hour work week
    thats right with no tips we get to make a total of $1.33 per hour after our expenses and taxes
    in my personal situation i enjoy a tipped average of $4.60 per run which equates to another $6.90 per hour for a total of $8.23 after taxes and expenses, even with that high of an average you can see I am not raking in the cash as some of you may believe. I am however thankful for the people who tip me very well to make up for the people that don’t.
    do i think its right that companies are allowed to get away with not paying an employee a full wage hell no, but it wont change with unemployment at soaring rates, I quit then I am just unemployed as well and someone else takes my job till they are fed up with it.
    I do like my job, I love to drive and I love to meet people.
    SO, yes
    yes you should tip, we depend on it so that we can make more then $1.33 per hour. if you want to make a stand about not tipping don’t take it out on the guy that brings your food to your door, yell at your congressmen that allow business the ability to get away without paying proper compensation to its employees.
    I have never and would never do anything to anyone’s food just because they didn’t tip but you better believe that people who do tip get there food first, while I treat all of my customers with respect tip or not I do treat those that help me live a better life with better service than those that make my life harder.

  67. I have a $10 order coming and I’m tipping $5 because it’s raining cats and dogs. I thought everyone tipped? It’s the least you could do. I’m not a delivery worker but I also rely on tips and I know how it feels not to get that.

  68. I don`t usually order fast food to be delivered, i ordered lastnight though for the first time in about 6mths but didn`t tip the delivery guy 🙁 I felt a bit guilty while eating my food to be honest as he seemed a nice pleasant chap. So in order for me to eat guilt free i shall tip in future lol

  69. I order pizza for a pizza. It is not my responsibility to support Pizza Hut’s employees, its their job. If Pizza Hut wants to take the money that I had dedicated to the driver and spend it on something else then that’s their problem. If you don’t want a minimum wage job that can be dangerous in the big city and can cost extra in vehicle maintenance then its your job to address that with them.


  71. I don’t like to tip for Chinese food orders. But my husband makes me tip so I give them 2 dollars or 3….or 7…depending on what I have lying around. Lately, none. Now I put it o the card and the drivers get offended. tonight I ordered Chinese and I tried to explain to the driver that i put the tip on the card as I was placing the order. He demanded I give him a tip. I just took my order said thank you and shut the door. he was both confused and upset.

  72. How can you be so ignorant? I ask that question to all the posters who
    think that it’s NOT their job to tip for service.

    EVERYBODY on planet earth knows that delivery people work on tips.
    They brave danger, traffic, dog bites, rude customers, terrible weather,
    and use their own cars, gas, and energy to haul that pie up four flights of
    stairs to bring you rude jerks your dinner. Another thing, you are probably
    not as sexy as you think you are so please put on a shirt and/or some pants
    when you answer the door.

    If you don’t want to tip that is your right, just please pick the pizza up
    from the store yourself — use your own car, your own gas, and your
    own time to get it. Delivery drivers remember who “stiffs” them so don’t
    be surprised if your next cold order is #3 on a 3 pizza delivery. Trust me, if you
    threaten to “never order from there again”, the only thing your delivery driver
    will say is “thankyou”.

    Dumb Asses … the lot of ya.

  73. I work hard for my money, and the drivers are the ones who chose from their own free will to apply for a job that depends on tips when it’s public knowledge not everyone tips. I don’t tip, never will. Get over it.

  74. That’s the same thing I said. What’s the delivery charge for? My guess is it’s for gas. But i usually give them a few bucks because they do drive out and delivery my pizza hot and fresh..

  75. Do you tip your dental hygienist? What if she used dirty tools because you didn’t tip last time?
    Do you tip your barber? What if you knew she used dirty scissors and combs because you didn’t tip last time?

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