Drew Carey Is Replacing Bob Barker As The Price Is Right Host

drewcarey.jpgIt is official.  Drew Carey will be replacing Bob Barker as the host for The Price Is Right. Yes, you heard me right, I said Drew Carey. It was confirmed when he made the announcement on Letterman Monday night.

I liked the Drew Carey show, and I really liked Who’s Line Is It Anyway”. I have to wonder though, does Drew have what it takes to host The Price is Right? Bob Barker has some pretty big (huge) shoes to fill. Bob Barker has only been doing this for 35-40 years ya know.

Another thing to think about is that Drew will be hosting another game show this fall called The Power of 10. I’m sure you can host that show Drew, no problem at all. But hosting The Price is Right is going to be your main focus, and The Power of 10 is only going to get in your way.

Good luck Drew, I have watched most of your previous work, and I will continue to catch you when I can. Be sure to get Ryan Stiles and Colin Mockery on the stage every chance you get!   🙂

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