Energy Drinks Are Of The Devil!

Most people I know seem to hate them, but this is for all the freaks addicted to that sugary caffeine goodness. What’s your favorite?

Mine used to be NOS but after drinking a lot of both that and Red Bull I have to say I prefer the old classic. It’s got more depth or something. Rockstar is decent, but seems like a worse imitation of Red Bull. But it’s also cheaper. Amp is like an off-flavor Mountain Dew. All things considered I’d rank it last among what I’ve tried.

What about the health effects? Negative? Positive? Similar sugar/artificial sweetener issues as other soft drinks. Caffeine is not exactly good for you either and can lead to dependence and withdrawal. I swear I have had heart palpitations while drinking some of these things. I try to space out my caffeine intake with a few days between, plus that makes it a lot more effective when I need to stay up. I also don’t drink it in the evening if I need to get to sleep relatively on time. Do you think the vitamins and other random unpronounceable ingredients could actually be worth some benefit?

4 thoughts on “Energy Drinks Are Of The Devil!”

  1. I can’t get over the taste of most energy drinks, although I have been known to imbibe on occasion. I have but one vice: Bawls. It tastes great, gives me energy, and comes in gorgeous blue bottles. (I think there’s a red version now, which is great, because it gives me even more excuse to say “blue Bawls.”) I can’t get it very often around here, though; the only store that carries it is Rite Aid, the bottles always have dust on the top. I plan on ordering a case of the tall cans from ThinkGeek again sometime soon, but spending $50 on drinks at once – even if it’s a great deal – gives me more palpitations than Red Bull ever could.

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sugar free Rockstar – I drink one every morning instead of coffee. That usually the only caffeine I will have at all during the day. I also love the Rockstar or Red Bull with Vodka – they don’t let me drink that at work though (lord knows it would help!)

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