Ford is recalling its 2008 F-Series trucks.

Ford Motor Co. has told its dealers to stop selling certain 2008 F-series Super Duty pickups with 6.4-liter diesel engines after a problem with the vehicle’s tailpipe was reported.

According to the Associated Press, the automaker is recalling 37,400 new trucks. About 29,000 of those were still on dealer lots.

Ford has received three complaints about flames coming from the tailpipe, caused by leaking fuel that ignited in a filter near the tailpipe, the AP said.

To fix the problem, dealers will have to upgrade software for the powertrain control module, which will power down the engine under extremely high temperatures in the filter. Similar software updates will take place at the Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville, where the trucks are built.

The recall does not affect gasoline-powered trucks or those with 6.0-liter or 7.3-liter diesel engines.

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