Good news for those of you with a Nintendo Wii

Shigeru Miyamoto Shigeru Miyamoto had an interview with GamePro recently. They talked about different struggles and triumphs for the Nintendo Wii. Here are a few snippets:

There are other enhancements to the Wii interface and developments being planned that are going to really make games for hardcore players a lot more fun and interesting.

I am really digging the above comment. I can’t wait for the new stuff!

Our big challenge is to find the next new thing that other people aren’t looking at and to take that and turn it into a kind of new and entertaining form of video game.

One other thing that I think is going to be the next big challenge for Nintendo is related to the idea of network entertainment. A lot of people have the misunderstanding that Nintendo is not interested in network gaming. What we are interested in isn’t so much the idea of creating a game that is online and networked in a way that we have seen online up until now. We are really more interested in this idea of having the household television connected to the Internet constantly via the Wii. I think you are going to see a lot of new possibilities for new types of entertainment, such as new channels for the Wii in that type of network environment.

I think that will give rise to more social-based communities including those created by users, which is going to be a very interesting and exciting area for us to explore.

Exciting indeed! You can read the full article @ GameSpot.

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