How much does an oath mean to you?

oath.jpgIf someone borrows $10. from someone and says, “Before God I swear to you that I will repay you.” How many people do you think will be bound by that?

Promises, vows, oaths, etc. and those made without invoking any deity. “I vow to you you I will….”

To me that locks one into fulfilling that, but I see so many people who feel it’s just a bunch of words.

What do you think? That person to whom the promise/oath/vow/swear an oath to…. whatever……was made. Do you think that person was just a sucker to believe it?

Or do you think the one who gave that oath is bound by it?

When I was much younger, I think I believed in oaths, vows etc. Then life moved on giving me experience, quite often hard, which led me to the fact that now I don’t believe in oaths at all.

Life is so dynamic that too many times it surprises you with twists, so you have to be prepared for changes. Also people change thus changing your attitude towards them. Needless to say, you can’t be 100% sure that you know them well enough to give any vow or believe them when they give one.

This consideration leads to the conclusion that being mature, one shouldn’t give any oaths or swear to God. I think giving vows is rather childish and quite often it is nothing more than a manipulation.

Some may say that I live unhappy life with this kind of attitude. I would answer, no it’s not that I’m unhappy because of my lack of faith in humans. I actually believe in people when they say “I can do this for you” or “I’ll try my best” but not when someone says “I swear to god or whatever…” or ” I will never” or “I will always”…

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