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Hubcap Dog SculptureI was on my way home from work Thursday and the front drivers side hubcap came off my car. It wasn’t just a minor thing either. The hubcap leaped from my wheel, crashed into my side mirror, and then proceeded to roll along beside me where it mercilessly got ran over by a truck and two cars. I didn’t stick around either. I hauled ass outta there as quick as I could. The last thing I need is to have some asshole yelling at me for something that was beyond my control, and I know one of the three would have been. I don’t know what it is about my wheels and hubcaps, but they won’t stay on. I have went through no less than 16 hubcaps in the past 7 years. Have you ever had a vehicle that the hubcaps won’t stay on, or have you ever been hit by a run away hubcap?

That reminds me of another story. I was riding along route 19 with my uncle several years ago, when the minivan in front of us suddenly lost it’s wheel, tire and all. I don’t know if I was more impressed with the shower of sparks that were spewing from the axle that was schlepping along the asphalt, or with the tire that continued along its merry way another mile or so up the interstate, across the median, and into incoming traffic. I got a laugh out of the people who were honking their horn at the rogue tire, as if it were going to move itself out of the way. Sure, it was a little dangerous, but it was funny.

Fortunately, no one got hurt, in either incident. Except for the axle of the minivan.

I’m not a person that is too much into celebrity gossip, but I heard Ellen was going to be replacing Paula Abdul as a judge on American Idol. Ellen? What can she bring to table? She can be funny, at times,  but a judge on Idol? I just don’t see her fitting in there. Somewhere in the near future I expect to see Paula on the Ellen show and Ellen offer her the position back or something like that. I see it as a marketing ploy, but time will tell.

Did anyone else see Kanye West take the microphone from Taylor Swift during her MTV award speech?  What a douche! Glad to see her put it behind her quickly and put on a great performance only moments later. From the subway to directly in front of Radio City Music Hall, she had the whole place screaming for her.

And that is gonna have to do it for this update folks. I hope to get back to doing this on a regular basis again.  🙂

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  1. Don’t feel too bad. We replaced seven hubcaps and three wheels on the first VW Jennifer had. I think the hubcaps were about $60 each and the wheels around $180.

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