I Am Addicted To… Cold Pizza?

It had better be cold...
It had better be cold...

My name is Bucky and I am an addict….

I am addicted to cold pizza. Anytime we have cold pizza I make sure that there is enough left over for the next morning so that I can have it for breakfast.

Why does cold pizza taste so good to me?

I enjoy it so much more than when it’s hot. Is anyone else like me? My wife thinks I am a nut, but she doesn’t just get that from this.

(Un)fortunately(?) I’m also addicted to cold chicken, and for the sake of a laugh – cold turkey!

I will eat pretty much anything cold.

We had pizza yesterday and this morning I ate a leftover piece for breakfast. It was so much better than it was last night.

Does anyone else enjoy this strange little fetish-y type of thing with me?

18 thoughts on “I Am Addicted To… Cold Pizza?”

  1. My name is Garrick, AND I AM AN ADDICT.

    This is freakish, I thought I was THE ONLY ONE. I eat practically everything cold. I have suffered years of ridicule from my friends and family, and yet I cannot stop. This cruel mistress has me subjugated to her control.

    I can’t remember when it began, but I think it has always been with me. I remember as a child eating cold biscuits topped with cold applesauce and Cool Whip. It has only gotten worse as I have gotten older.

    I always cook more food than we can possibly eat, so that I have stuff to put in the fridge for the next day. Today, for instance, my lunch is going to consist of rice, lentils, and chicken curry, all of which I plan to eat straight out of the fridge.

    I have been known to purposely pickup pizza late so that it is cold by the time I got home.

    I don’t know exactly why I prefer cold food. I think it has to do with feel; I just like the way cold food feels in my mouth. I mean why would anyone want to eat hot pizza? The motlen cheese just nukes your taste buds, and then you can’t taste, or feel, anything.

    I just wish people understood. I am not a horrible human being; I just like cold food.

  2. Don’t you just hate when you take a bite of something that was hotter than you expected, and you burn the inside of your mouth? The whole meal is then ruined due to the fact that you can’t really taste it anymore.

    Glad to see that I am not alone. 🙂

  3. I don’t know about any fetishes that I have, but i am glad to hear I am normal. I like pizza cold, spagetti room temp. just about everything room temp.I do agree with the burning your tongue, that pisses me off.

  4. Addiction?
    I don’t know if I’d go that far.
    But I believe that a sign of truly great pizza is how it is cold.
    I will eat pizza anywhere at anytime.
    And the greasier the pizza, the tastier it is cold. I mean if you’ve got a double meat, loaded down with pepperoni, ham, bacon and hamburger, you got tomorrow’s breakfast nirvana.
    A tip for all those who must reheat leftover pizza, NEVER use the microwave. Take a skillet, put a little butter or olive oil in it and heat the baby up that way.

  5. Ok, now while I admit that burning the roof of my mouth is NOT fun for me – I am a total fan of overly-reheated pizza. I don’t like it cold. 🙂 So, I’m basically your polar opposite.

  6. Tim – Doesn’t it though?

    Frank – I agree with virtually everything you said right there.

    Kyra – Everyone can’t be like me ya know.

    Stephanie – Milk and pizza? And I thought I was weird.

  7. Finally a group the agrees with my tastes both of the writing type and the foodie type. My wife has been knocking me for years about my cold food eating habits.

    cold pizza…..check!
    cold chicken…you bet!
    cold eggrolls with spicy mustard….oh yeah!

    spaghetti with milk….my little piece of heaven but alas I like the spaghetti warmed up, not hot but more than room temperature.

    Patricks last blog post..Should I let my home go into foreclosure?

  8. In Ireland we have the most beautiful kebabs from a takeaway called Abrakebabra, these are wonderful cold the following day (not refridgerated). cold cabbage from the pot, cold chinese curry & rice, cold barbequed ribs (fatty), and, wait for it, cold crispy roast lamb, oooh the joy.

  9. I like cold pizza that is being cooled naturally by the room temperature, not refrigerator. Pizza that is too hot doesn’t really taste that good. To be specific, I prefer room temperature pizza, not too hot, not too cold, it’s perfect.

  10. i totally agree with you i love cold pizza, fried chicken, and egg rolls. i am eating cold chicken at this moment pizza and egg rolls are my favorite cold foods i will eat my food hot but always like to save some for breakfast or a late night snack. the only reason i like frozen pizza is because it tastes so good the next day. Ordered out pizza tastes even better. I love cold food and i am glad i am not alone. I droll at the thought of cold egg rolls. the only thing i don’t like about this page is it makes me crave cold egg rolls.

  11. i’m a bigtime hot pizza fanatic….as far as cold goes, there are so many ppl that like cold pizza (especially for breakfast). I will have to try it, there must be something good about it that i am missing….i’m daring enough to try it…and i bet i’m going to like it.

  12. I enjoy cold pizza and turkey!!

    It happened like this:
    A really bad hangover and the only thing left to eat was a slice of pizza from the day before.I was way too lazy to toast it, an I ate it cold. Sh*t it was sooo good…now, anytime I’m having some I make sure that there is enough left over for the next day.

  13. I love cold food. I often cook extra food so I can have it cold next day, sausages, curry, pizza, bacon, chicken. All better cold

  14. Wow… its amazing what you can find on the internet. I was curious is i was the only one.. but i guess not. I think my love grew for cold things when i was in college. everything was so dirty, especially the microwave so i just never heated things up… slowly i started to love the taste of everything cold. i just ate a cold cheese steak for lunch and figured i would look online.. you guys are all awesome.

  15. @2.Bucky WHen I drink hot tea, it is almost impossible for me to take a sip because I am too scared to. I also agree, when I get home from school, I eat it room temperature due to the fact it is just on the table. I also eat it cold if left in the refrigerator. My town has several different pizza parlors, each of which have different kinds of pizza. I noticed when you eat New York Style pizza fresh, lots of grease drips down. Now, if you eat it cold, you don’t have the same effect! It is all locked in.

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