I Will Never Buy Anything From S.J. Neathawk Lumber In Lewisburg WV

I got pretty upset over the weekend due to SJ Neathawk Lumber. I have never bought anything from that company before, I have always opted to go to Lowes for their lower prices and bigger selection. I have spent quite a bit of money there lately because we are building an addition on to our house.

I thought that for a change I would start shopping at some of the smaller companies that had been in the community for years. I would feel better doing that than continuing to feed the beast. I would feel like more of my money would be going back into the community. After all, the owner(s) of the company live in the same area as the store.

Here is the story. I went to SJ Neathawk Lumber on Tuesday May 29th and ordered all of the siding to complete the addition. The siding was a special order, and I needed 2 boxes of it (400 square feet). Someone at the project desk checked stock on all of the different channel that I needed. F-channel, J-channel, inside corners, outside corners, and starter strip. All of the channel that I needed was in stock, and I only had to wait till Thursday for the special order siding to come in. GREAT! I can get the siding put on Saturday and Sunday. I went ahead and paid for EVERYTHING. The siding was about $100 and the channel was about $250.

Thursday rolls around and I get a call from SJ Neathawks telling me that my siding is in. I tell the guy on the phone that either I or a friend of mine will be there early Saturday morning to pick it up. He says no problem, and we hang up. I call the guy who is helping me install the siding and tell him that the siding has came in. He says that he will be at my house Saturday, and we will be able to get the siding finished over the weekend.

Friday evening between 6 & 7 pm I receive another call from Neathawk lumber. This timeSJ Neathawk…BOOO!! I am told that the channel I HAVE ALREADY PAID FOR HAS BEEN SOLD TO SOMEONE ELSE! I got pretty upset on the phone, but stayed calm to the guy I was talking to, it probably wasn’t his fault. I don’t know who’s fault it was, but when I paid for the stuff, someone should have pulled it out of stock and put my name on it, plain and simple. That someone apparently didn’t do it. I tried calling the siding guy that was helping me out, but I couldn’t get in touch with him. He shows up ready for work Saturday, and I have to tell him that the story of the siding. His work day is pretty much ruined, and so is mine.

This was the first time that I have bought anything at SJ Neathawk, and this will be the last time that I ever buy anything from them.

2 thoughts on “I Will Never Buy Anything From S.J. Neathawk Lumber In Lewisburg WV”

  1. Randy Luck at Neathawk’s has made probably 500 special orders for me in the past 15 years in builging my home and latter renovations. You can not get anyone at Lowes to help you with a product they don’t carry. In fact it is hard to get any one at Lowes to assist you. I fault Neathawk’s management for not having evening and Sunday hours that force me to buy from Lowes. I generally find Lowes to generally be more expensive than Neathawks. I have had a very few mixups at Neathawks, but they have taken good care of me.

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